WWE Having Another Draft This Year?


It was a huge story last year when the news broke out about the brand split happening. It presented something fresh to the WWE fans and created a lot of new opportunities for even a greater number of Superstars. Guys that were stuck in the mid-card were able to elevate, while some guys that weren’t even on TV regularly got the chance to shine and prove that they deserve a chance against the best.

CEO of the company Vince McMahon talked about the brand extension at today’s Fourth Quarter Earnings call and said that the split has been a huge success and that has worked out extremely well. He went on with the explanation of the fact that there are now crossover viewers to the Smackdown show and that’s something they have been trying to do for a while now.


Vince also talked out the talent switching brands, using Roman Reigns as an example of possibly jumping ship to Smackdown from Monday Night Raw. He also talked about how hard it is to create new starts with just one show and that the brand split is allowing others to climb the ladder of success.

When it comes to the next WWE Draft, Bryan Alvarez mentioned on today’s installment of Wrestling Observer Live that the company is actually planning on having another draft sometimes this year. It is believed that draft is going to be taking place after the Wrestlemania season and before the big event in the summer, the Summerslam. It spices things up after Wrestlemania and also gives the fans something fresh and doesn’t let the product become stale and boring.