Young Justice Season 3 – Aqualad Coming Back And More

Animated TV series Young Justice debuted in January 2011, but it was cancelled after the final episode of the second season in 2013. Everyone who loved the series was disappointed and protested hoping the third season would be delivered.

Fans of DC Animated series Young Justice have been thrilled to hear some rumors that Season 3 is in the pipeline. Warner Bros. confirmed the show will be renewed. While everyone is wondering whether Darkseid will be introduced as the main villain, there is some news on another character. Namely, Comicbook just recently spoke to Khary Payton about his possible return as King Ezekiel in The Walking Dead midseason 7. He was willing to share some details about another project he was working on, and that is Young Justice Season 3.

Payton said he would reprise his character Aqualad in the third installment of Young Justice. He also mentioned how excited and enthusiastic he was, as well as that he thought it would be extremely amusing to get back to those stories and to Kaldur, who is one of his favorite characters of all time.

Namely, Payton also gave voice to Cyborg in Justice League Action, DC Super Hero Girls, and Teen Titans Go! He voiced Waylon Jones a. k. a. Killer Croc in Batman: Arkham Underworld and Grimlock in Transformers: Robots in Disguise.

Payton’s main focus at the moment is his role as King Ezekiel in The Walking Dead. He plays a prominent alpha role as the leader of a place named The Kingdom. His character recently appeared for the first time in season 7 of the popular TV series.

The main character in the first season was Aqualad. He was an apprentice under Aquaman. To everyone’s great surprise, fans loved to watch an Atlantian lead the team more than Robin. Nightwing has also grown and is ready to watch over and commanded team Young Justice. This significantly reduced Aqualad’s screen time in the second season. Payton saying he will appear in the show might mean that Aqualad will be present, but let’s hope we’ll find out as soon as possible.