WWE Dropping The Emmalina Character?


Emma was one of the best performers that NXT had and that includes both women’s and men’s rosters. She has been a great babyface at first, and then when she turned heel, it seems that it was the right way to go and that she will be pretty successful in her new role. She probably would, but injuries played a part in her career, and she was out for a couple of months because of the health issues. Twice.

When she was cleared to wrestle, WWE held her out 17 more weeks in order to give a nice remake to her character. She went from being a real badass to a supermodel and a girl that every man desires. WWE was hyping up her debut almost every single week with some video packages of Emmalina looking as hot as hell. She was photographed in exotic places, and everything was set for her debut. Everything was going as planned until WWE decided to rethink it and hold her out even more.


Then, finally, she made her debut as Emmalina on the latest edition on Monday Night Raw, but it seemed that they are going to be dropping that character pretty soon. She said that fans have waited long enough for Emma’s transformation to Emmalina and that they will now get the chance to see her change it all back to good old Emma.

According to ProWrestlingSheet.com, the Emmalina gimmick was dropped because WWE producers felt that Emma couldn’t perform the character the way they wanted it to be done. The character should have resembled what Sable and The Kat were doing during the Attitude Era, and Emma was apparently not committed enough to the role. It’s possible that this approach will be used for another female wrestler at some point, but as for now, Emma will be dropping that gimmick and will return to her old one. When? Maybe next week, maybe after Wrestlemania. Only time will tell.