WWE Was Never CM Punk’s Original Goal


CM Punk had a meteoric rise to the top because of his promos that sounded extremely real. They had a lot of truth behind it, and that is why they attracted so much attention. The fans loved CM Punk as champion, at the top of the food chain. There is no doubt that he is a great in-ring performer, but his personality and work on the mic are what got him over with the WWE Universe.

Now, even though it has been more than three years since he decided to walk out on the company, the fans all around the United States are still often chanting his name, especially when Triple H and Stephanie McMahon or even Vince step in the ring.


Recently, he has been a guest on the Windy City podcast where he talked about his WWE career and the transition to MMA. He mentioned that getting to the WWE was not his number one goal.

“Obviously, I watched WWF as a kid, but when I made the conscious decision – WWF was never the end goal. I romanticized about Japanese wrestling. There was two companies in Japan, it was called All Japan and New Japan, and that was my thing. I was more about going over there and being a star over there, then coming home and just being complete – you can walk down the street and nobody knows you. That was my style, I liked it. But I worked so long and hard at it that it became so boring it became the last frontier was WWE. I had to go see if I could conquer that so I have it a shot.”

He also talked about the transition to his new career. While he does admit that fighting is tough, he says that taking on fears face on was something that he has always done throughout his life. This guy added that he feels comfortable out of his comfort zone.