WWE Star Arrested!


The most important news of the weekend, unfortunately, nothing good, in the WWE was Richard Swann, or better known as Rich Swann, getting arrested because of the domestic violence. It is one of the biggest issues that somebody hired by this company could have, and it is expected that Vince won’t tolerate this kind of behavior. It is a bad image for them and the business, and they don’t want the negative publicity.


Vince immediately reacted to the news by suspending Swann. His match that should have taken place on Monday Night Raw with Drew Gulak stopped being advertised right after the news broke out that he was a part of the domestic violence and that he got arrested.

Now, he is released from prison but is not allowed to have any kind of contact with his wife for at least a week. All he can do now is sit home and wait for the WWE to make a final decision on him. Since he is not that big of a deal in the Cruiserweight division, there is a good chance that he gets cut sooner rather than later.

It is a big mistake, and it is probably going to cost him his job. We don’t know in what kind of a state is his wife right now, but we do know that she is scheduled to wrestle this Saturday at the House of Glory show for a small promotion from New York.


Swann is a former Cruiserweight champion and was a member of the CWC that got over so well on the WWE Network last summer. His character and gimmick were decent, but it was something that fazed out quickly. In the end, he jobbed out to Neville when he debuted in the division.