WWE Teasing Daniel Bryan’s Return?


Ever since Daniel Bryan recovered from his injury, the fans have wanted this guy to come back and wrestle. WWE doctors said no to that as they don’t believe that he should be competing in the ring anymore. Even though multiple doctors have cleared him to wrestle again, it only matters what the WWE doctors say as they are the ones that have the final call.

Daniel Bryan was involved in a big angle during the Clash Of Champions as he was butting heads with Shane McMahon. The two special guest referees were highly involved in this match, and they actually were a major factor in the final result.


Even though Shinsuke Nakamura ended up being on the losing side in this clash, he respected the fact that he was once again sharing the ring with Daniel Bryan. They wrestled a long time ago, but they did have some great matches outside of the Indy scene.

Daniel Bryan replied by saying that he wished he was actually wrestling. Now, this is not big news, but when WWE used their website to write this story, it became news.

They finally acknowledged that Daniel Bryan wants to return and wrestle. His contract is running out in less than a year, and the company needs to plan for that moment. It seems that there is no money that Bryan would settle for in the WWE if they don’t allow him to wrestle in the end.

He is for sure going to leave and wrestle somewhere else, which is something that biggest player in the business can’t afford. He is just way too popular. Maybe this is the way for WWE to have him in some kind of storyline that is going to lead to him eventually wrestling for this company.