WWE In A Tough Spot With Enzo Amore


There is no secret that Enzo Amore has had a lot of backstage heat on him over the last couple of weeks. This guy has been bragging a lot about where he lives when he is not working with the company, he is always loud, bothering other people and they feel uncomfortable with him around. The locker room is really not fond of him, which is something that WWE officials have found out and are watching him closely.

They have never really been high on him, but the fact of the matter is that they need to keep him on TV. It is not going to be so simple to cut him off and let the fans forget about him. The truth is that Enzo Amore is really popular with the mainstream fans and they love to see him in the ring, with the mic, talking and entertaining people. He has become a draw, and he is going to sell WWE a lot of merch. Business wise, he is going to do them more good than bad.


That is why they are in a tough position with him. Enzo has the leverage here. His shirts are always selling well. Now, he is in 205 Live, a show that has been struggling. Adding him is going to boost the ratings, no doubt about that. If you check out a Youtube video of him making his debut on 205 Live, you are going to see that it has 700.000 views, more than any other 205 Live videos has ever got. Much more than any other video has ever got. That is why WWE is in a tough spot with him. It is going to be interesting to see where this story goes and how it develops moving forward.