Destiny 2 trailer is out and it shows that we will have to bring our A-game to beat the odds!

Destiny 2, one of the most anticipated shooter-game sequels, is coming out on September 6th for consoles and it should be available in October for PC. This game is a joint effort of Bungie and Activision. Before the release date comes, we have an official launch trailer that is supposed to show you what will await you and prepare you for the most pumped up galactic battle that will have epic proportions.

In the trailer, you will see what awaits you in the sequel, and you will see some of the places you will visit throughout the game as well as some of the baddies. Since we are on the topic of baddies, the first thing the trailer shows is Ghoul receiving good news from one of his commanders that most of the Guardians have fled and those who remained are being executed. After that the trailer continues to explain how the war is over, the Guardians have lost, and Ghoul and his army took possession of the Light. But all is not lost because there are few remaining heroes who decide to fight back and even make time to joke on Ghoul’s account.

What you will notice right away is that nearly entire Destiny 2 launch trailer is in cinematics and that it is set up in a way where you will have to start from the bottom and fight your way back up. There was also a hint about a few stealth missions where the Guardians will try to come close unspotted near Ghoul and try and take him out. Besides the stealth missions there are some awesome-looking inner-city shootouts, where the Guardians are throwing down against the invaders, and also racing through the streets on their Sparrows with guns drawn. Did anyone else get a flashback of Star Wars and Tatooine when this part came up or is it just me?

Like every shooter, this one will also allow you to go all out and guns blazing, and that is what we see from a part where guardians totally neglect the tactical, cloak and dagger approach and launch a full-out assault. This scene is neatly followed by music that easily swells, the action intensifies, and here the actual gameplay finally gets a bit of a spotlight. Thanks to this awesome trailer we believe that those who weren’t the fans of the original game will definitely feel something towards Destiny 2. And why wouldn’t they? There are some cool new weapons, new enemies, new vehicles, and some of the new maps, which make this game pretty awesome if you ask us.

As I already mentioned in the beginning, this great game can be yours on September 6th on PS4 and Xbox One, while the PC version is set to release on October 24th. But if that is too long for you to wait, you can always sign up for the PC beta at the end of August by visiting the Destiny beta page.

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