Why WWE Will Have Trouble Booking Rollins vs. Samoa Joe

One of the biggest matchups for the WWE Payback pay per view is a showdown between Seth Rollins and Samoa Joe. The paths of these two crossed ever since Samoa Joe made his main roster debut and attacked The Architect on behalf of Triple H. The Samoan Submission Machine injured Rollins in the process, so this duel was easily made for this PPV.

Even though it was a no question whether or not this match is going to happen, the creative writers are in a bit of trouble right now. Why? Well, because none of these two guys should get pinned. Not only in this battle, but in the next couple of PPVs going forward.

We have Seth Rollins, a guy that is still finding his character as a babyface, coming off one of his biggest wins against Triple H at Wrestlemania. Beating The Game still has a lot of meaning in the world of WWE, and that is why the company needs to keep his momentum alive.

Source; four3four.com

On the other hand, Samoa Joe is a dominant heel who is not named The Destroyer because he loses ofter. When Joe does go down, it is going to be on a big show and after a long winning streak. Right now, he is still in the early stages of his run on the main roster. He can’t lose here to Seth Rollins.

Well, the key here is for none of these guys to get pinned. If the company wants to keep both of them strong by not getting beaten, there are a lot of great ways for that. The first thing that comes to our mind is for Samoa Joe to lock in his submission move and for Rollins not to tap but to fade away after a while. Joe looks powerful by putting Rollins to sleep while The Architect still looks tough for not giving up and rather being put to sleep than tapping.