Brock Lesnar To Defend His Title On A New PPV Event


Brock Lesnar is a part-time talent in the WWE. He is not on every Monday Night Raw, and he is not wrestling a full schedule. But, when this guy arrives at an event, you know that it is a big deal. It is even a bigger deal when he is the WWE Universal champion as he is holding the most important title in the whole brand. Now, his arrival means that he is getting ready to defend the championship.

When he wrestles every other pay per view, the title defense, and the challenger get elevated immediately. Everything feels important when Brock Lesnar is involved. He won the title at the grandest stage of them all, and you will get to watch his first match since then on July the 9th in Dallas, TX at the Raw themed pay per view.


But, this is not the most interesting piece of news about this Lesnar’s match. The fact of the matter is that this battle for the WWE Universal title is going to take place at a brand new pay per view that we haven’t seen in the company. Bad Blood was the name used for this PPV event before, but now the organization is introducing the “Great Balls of Fire” pay per view, and the first edition of it will be on July 9th at the American Airlines Arena.

As far as Lesnar’s first challenger, it is likely going to be Braun Strowman as the company has been building him up as an unstoppable force and a believable threat to win the title. We’ll see how he squares up against Roman Reigns first though.