Xbox Accessories and Add-Ons to Boost your Gaming Experience

Launching video games can be compared to moving into a parallel dimension, where the gamer gets fantastic opportunities and experiences exciting adventures. In this case, the game console itself becomes a portal to the virtual world. But to act in it with maximum force and get exciting pleasure from the game, you will need additional devices. For more details check At least, you won’t be able to perform gaming missions at all without the gamepad. But what other Xbox accessories should you buy to actively use all the game features and unlock the full potential of this wonderful console?

How to control a hero?


The most versatile and handy gaming controller is the gamepad. They have enough buttons to give your characters all the variety of game commands. There are also small analog sticks used for changing the view, moving the hero, and other tasks. The Xbox 360 and Xbox One consoles come with branded gamepads – one complete with the console.

Limited to a single gamepad means you can’t play doubles or teams on the same console. It is much more interesting to complete shooting missions, fight in a virtual arena, and drive through high-speed highways in the company of a friend. And it will be impossible to do this without an additional gamepad. Some games support the participation of up to four people. Of course, this number of gaming controllers is worth buying only if you plan to have frequent gaming parties.

The Xbox 360 joystick can be wired or wireless. The first ones are cheaper, but they are also less convenient – you are a little limited in choosing a place to play. The second gives a lot of freedom in the movement of the player, but they require either time to charge the battery or have a stock of finger batteries. For the newer Xbox One console, gamepads are available without wires.

Charger for the controller

Xbox wireless game controllers should be purchased with a special battery pack that will be charged directly in the controller using the charger. Those that come with the joystick will sooner or later discharge, and it will be a shame if you have to interrupt the game because of this. The Xbox battery can allow you to play even in recharging mode.

Funny madness in front of the console

Playing console games doesn’t mean you have to sit still in front of the TV all the time. Modern technology has introduced a very unusual way to control game characters. Now it is done through body movements. Imagine that you need to beat your opponent in a virtual Boxing ring not by pressing buttons, but by real blows of your hands! In the same way, you can perform tasks in other sports simulators, learn to dance on the tips of the game program, pass the missions of adventure games, and fight in action-Packed shooters. But this requires a special Xbox accessory-the Kinect motion sensor.

It’s a small box equipped with a video camera, two depth sensors, and a sensitive microphone. Such devices allow the Kinect to capture three-dimensional objects in front of it and to notice their movements. By recognizing certain actions among them, the game software will take them as commands. Or it will simply reproduce the image of the player on the screen.

Music and racing

Many gamers prefer games of a certain genre, and they should buy Xbox accessories that make this virtual entertainment more exciting. For all the time of the existence of video games, car racing has been very popular. Not everyone has the opportunity to take part in real high-speed races or at least sit behind the wheel of a real supercar. But Xbox games will easily give you such an experience, and a lot of racing drive!

Avid fans of car simulators will definitely like the steering wheel for Xbox 360. With this device, it is much easier to control gaming machines, and it is much easier to imagine yourself as a famous racer. And to get an even greater effect of immersion in virtuality, you should buy an Xbox steering wheel with pedals. Then the game will also involve the legs – as in a real car, you need to press the gas and brake.

Still, such a set has its drawbacks, because it needs to be specially equipped with a place at the table. Therefore many gamers prefer to play with a branded Xbox steering wheel. It is held by weight, the speed dial and brake buttons are directly on it.

Another type of game for which special controllers are available is music. There is a popular Hero series, in which players are invited to play famous songs by pressing certain buttons, transform melodies into unique mixes, and create their own works of authorship. For the DJ Hero game, there is a handy DJ Xbox. For Guitar Hero, there’s a special Xbox guitar. For music lovers, it will not only be great entertainment, but also a means of realizing their creative potential.

The delight of multiplayer games

No matter how exciting the single-player game modes on Xbox One and Xbox 360 are, sooner or later they pass, and the gamer begins to participate in special multiplayer campaigns. For example, in shooting games, players from different parts of the world fight on shared maps. They team up to fight each other or virtual creatures. In such games, you can not do without communication with members of your squad. And even with the opponents – you have to send them angry warnings! To do this, you should buy a gaming headset. A set of headphones and a microphone should sit comfortably on your head, be light, and transmit high-quality sound. The branded Xbox 360 headset perfectly copes with these tasks. To connect it, the gamepad Xbox 360 has a special connector. The Xbox One joystick can also boast the same – you can also play on this console with a headset.

More space

The Xbox One has a large hard drive, but it will run out faster than you think. This is why you need an external drive.

Game appetites in terms of disk space are growing at an alarming rate. Recent blockbuster games have already exceeded the 100 GB mark. Given the digital add-ons and DLC, the huge number of patches and updates required for all modern games, this figure will only grow. It’s becoming more to find space on your Xbox’s built-in drive for more than a few games. So buy a huge 4 TB disk and forget all your fears.