Yona of the Dawn Fans Want New Season! Thousands already signed the petition!


Thousands of fans of the anime Yona of the Dawn recently signed an online petition where they requested a new season. The user that goes by the name of Sheikah Chick from Australia made this petition and explained that the viewers of Yona of the Dawn ‘ALL want to see a new season come out.’ She added: ‘As someone who has read the manga and is up to date, I would love to see how it pans out visually on screen.’

In addition to that, she explained how a new character had been introduced by the end of the previous season and how she and other fans want to see more of that character. This user also claims that the many of those that follow this series want to see the ending to the story and that it would only be right for the producers to make them one.


Some of the arguments include good story line and amazing illustrations that are found in manga. She also stated that the fans would like to see it on screen. She exclaimed how powerful storylines make watching anything so much better.

Other than that fans also loved the soundtrack. In lieu of stopping the series why not produce more since each and every soundtrack took their breaths away. Thousands of fans agree strongly with Sheikah Chick since they rushed to sign the petition during the first few days of it being published.


On the other hand, producers claim that the reason behind them not making another season is popularity. To be precise, the lack of it. But these fans surely disagree with them. They think that it would be smart to give it another shot. And because of that, the supporters are lining up behind this petition to make producers change their minds. Kazuhiro Yoneda will have to decide on this, and we are sure that he won’t have an easy task at hands since the only message in the end for him is ‘More Yona!!!’ And it came from furious fans all around the globe.

In the end, she addressed all the fans who liked the show to sign the petition. She encouraged them not to lose hope and said: ‘So let’s try and make it happen, and not let it be cancelled!!!’

What do you think about this show? Should they produce another season? Is it worth it? Let us know in the comments section below.