You think Cristiano Ronaldo is selfish? Think again!

We all know who Cristiano Ronaldo is. One of the best football players of all time. That is something that everybody needs to agree on whether you like him or not. He proved it and is proving it on the football field over and over again. Accomplished as a football player as he certainly is, Cristiano is also being judged as a human being. Despite his humanitarian work he is being labeled as selfish.

You shouldn’t mix Cristiano the person and Cristiano, the football player. People often do but this time around Ronaldo surprised everyone with his gesture after Alaves-Real Madrid game.

He scored three goals in the away game and silenced his critics. If the match against Alaves is anything to go by Ronaldo is back at his best. Scoring three goals will bring you under the spotlights and so was Ronaldo after the game, but what he did was nothing short but opposite of being selfish.

After the match, Ronaldo asked to be given the ball that was on the field. It is customary that the scorer of hat-trick brings the ball home as a memory of his accomplishment. While everybody expected for him to keep the ball to himself, he did just the opposite. He took the ball and threw it to his teammate and captain on the night Marcelo.

Marcelo was one of the standout players on the day with two assists. First of his assists went to Alvaro Morata and the second one to Ronaldo. With this gesture, Portuguese superstar wanted to give thanks to his teammate who enabled him to score the hat-trick. These two are known for their friendship on and off the field which can be seen during goal celebrations. Marcelo is always the first one to congratulate Ronaldo. Sometimes they have a dance act or some sort of special handshake to perform together in order to celebrate goals they score.

In the end, maybe he is a little selfish at moments but he certainly isn’t ungrateful, and he has proven this once again.