Mazda Miata MX-5 For SEMA – even lighter!

According to Mazda, SEMA show that occurs annually is the one place that allows its designers to “let their imaginations run wild”, and that is exactly what is happening here, in a way. Why we said in a way? Well, the Speedster Concept that Mazda showcased this year is pretty much the same one from the last year’s show only newer.

We will let this one slide for Mazda because the MX-5 cool factor hasn’t worn out yet, and the more than desirable RWD roadster is still in high demand! As the fans probably know the last year’s MX-5 Speedster Concept managed to weight just shy over 2.000 pounds and did that without the standard windshield and soft top in favor of a small air deflector and a tonneau cover behind the front seats. What makes Mazda top manufacturer is that they do not make compromises and are changing the way how things are done, they try to make cars even better, and that is exactly why they took that last year’s model and made it lose even more weight.

To further upgrade it they decided to make some more changes and modifications such as replacing previous instrument cluster with a digital unit. They also changed the old and heavy battery for a lightweight Li-ion battery that has only 4.5 pounds and kinda degraded the front Brembo brakes that were heavy for lighter ones from the base MX-5. The end result from all of that adds up to a clear 100 pounds saving in weight which means that Speedster Evolution is dropping below the 2.000 pounds mark which makes it lighter than MX-5 Miata soft top by 350 pounds. Incredible isn’t it?!

The MX5 Speedster concept, besides all of the weight loss treatment, got treated to a new paint scheme called White Ether, then a new BFGoodrich racing slick tires that wrap around very nice looking Rays wheels with the charcoal color finish. Mechanically it has remained the same, as did the Racing Beat exhaust and the adjustable suspension from the MX-5 Cup car which were both transferred from the last year’s model. Mazda truly made this iconic and lovable RWD roadster even more desirable now which is always very difficult after a long period of existence and because of that we say – Nice job Mazda!