Indianapolis Colts vs. Green Bay Packers – Week 9 Picks And Predictions

If Andrew Luck is not having a great day, Indianapolis Colts have no shot at winning any single game on their schedule. Their running game is inconsistent, their defense is one of the worst in the whole NFL. The only thing that they have is a great quarterback that they are not protecting and putting in a position to succeed and lead this team to victories.

Aaron Rodgers was sensational against the Falcons and looked like his old self. He put his team in a good position to win, but they couldn’t make a final defensive stop and Packers lost that game. The good thing about last round for Green Bay is that both Vikings and Lions lost. Green Bay didn’t lose any ground and standing at 4:3 while they are trailing Vikings with 5:2 and are in front of Lions with 4:4.

Rodgers will have a great chance of avenging last week’s loss as he is welcoming Indy and their putrid defense. He is going to produce, and his numbers will be very high, but this defense needs to step up and stop Andrew Luck. They failed Rodgers against Atlanta, and they need to step up in order for this team to reach the Vikings and catch them in a divisional race.

Indy still has a shot to catch Texans, but they are just way too inconsistent to be considered as a real threat. As a matter of fact, Titans are looking much more serious and ready to challenge the Texans for that divisional crown.

We don’t trust the Colts, especially on the road, against Aaron Rodgers-led offense at Lambeau Field. We are picking the Green Bay Packers to win this game. Andrew Luck will put up some points on the board, but it will only be enough for a 35:21 loss to Rodgers crew.