4 Ways to Know If Your Personal Injury Case Goes To Trial


Getting injured because of someone else’s mistake is surely hurtful but you can be forgiving. But what if the other person is not willing to accept his mistake and insists on putting the blame on you? You can be forgiven for a mistake but not for attitude and disrespect especially when it comes from the one who made the mistake.

Furthermore, if you are injured seriously, you will have to pay for the medical expenses. That is why people ask for settlement money or medical expenses when the other party is at fault. However, things do not go smoothly every single time. So if someone is unwilling to pay for the cost of bills, you might have to take him to the court.

This is not only about self-esteem, it is because sometimes the cost of accidental damages is too high. For example, if someone knocks on your brand new car and you get injured too. Now you have to get the car repaired and get yourself treated too. And if the damage is too much, the higher the price will be. You won’t like to pay for all that.

The need for an attorney


So if you are in a situation where the other party is not willing to carry the blame, you will need a lawyer. He will be able to handle the case in a better situation. Furthermore, an attorney knows the laws well so he can tackle the other party in a strategic way. Thus, you won’t need to go to court.

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How will you know whether you will go for a trial or not?

Some people are afraid of trials and they get confused. Therefore, they want to settle outside the court. However, not all. Some people drag the case for so long that the other party willingly drops the charges. Therefore, taking your case for a trial can be both helpful and harmful for you. Settling outside the court is best for both parties unless one side demands too much.

So here are some signs that will tell you whether your case will go for a trial or not.

1 – The other party is not willing for settlement


Whether you are at fault or the other party, things will get easier if they remain between you two. But if the other party is stubborn and is not willing to listen to you, know that your case will go to trial. If you are hesitant about that and this shows in your expressions and behavior, the other party would do this with aggression.

Therefore, if the situation starts to go off your hands, calm down and handle the situation carefully. It is better to hire an attorney in such cases. He will be able to handle the other party and you might prevent taking it to the court.

2 – The other party is asking for too much

If you are at fault, it is only right for you to pay the amount for damages. You have caused them physical damage as well as mental. Therefore, if they are getting treatment, you should take the responsibility for it. Going to the hospital is the right thing to do if you are ashamed. But if you are busy and cannot do so, you can ask them to provide you with the bills. And then you will pay them the whole amount.

Afterward, the situation will be settled.

However, you might encounter a greedy person. He will ask for too much even for a small injury. Furthermore, he will make a big deal out of the accident and will also ask for psychological damages.

In the worst case, the other party might say that they will take the case to the court. But do not worry. If you believe that they are asking for too much, you should let them be. The court will make the decision according to the injuries. Therefore, you won’t have to pay a penny more.

Moreover, if you show your willingness to take the case to the court, he might stop doing so. Because he is making use of your fear. So if you show that you are not afraid of these things, he might come towards settlement. So make use of such opportunities and settle outside of the court.

Because going to the court will make you spend more. You will need to hire an attorney and pay his fee and so does the other party. Moreover, you can also tell him the same thing and try to convince him.

3 – The severity of the injuries


Another important factor that you might not be able to handle alone. If you have encountered a serious accident and need to pay your bills, you will need to go to court. Sometimes, the injuries need long-term treatment. So the medical bills won’t be for a single time. Therefore, it might not be an easy thing to settle outside of court.

4 – Property Damages

Different damages need different costs of recovery. Therefore, settlement becomes difficult in certain cases. This is the vase with property damages. For example, someone bumped his car in your backyard and caused a lot of loss. Your boundary was destroyed and so does your plants and grass. In the worst-case scenario, it might even bump into your main door or window. Thus, someone needs to do the analysis and determine the overall cost.

Likewise, it might even damage your car. If the damage is too severe and the repairing cost is too much, the situation will become worse.