10 Cool Birthday Gifts For Your Male Friend


Everyone has this cool mate they don’t know much about (let’s call him Bobby). He often comes to your friends’ parties, and you even have a small talk from time to time. Everything is fine, but one day he invites you to his birthday party, and it gets incredibly awkward.

There is no need to rack your brain about the birthday gift for Bobby. Here is a list of great presents for male friends (that doesn’t include boring cliché gifts):

A survival knife


Bobby might be an outdoorsy guy who likes fishing and camping. In this case, a survival knife with his name on it will be a great present. You might want to write ‘Robert’ on it, though.

The best survival knife should have a hidden survival kit inside (sewing kit, compass, and fishing set). Also, it should have a razor-sharp carbon steel blade and two different serrated edges. Most guys would dream of getting this one for their birthdays, so does Bobby. Later you will see- he will carry your gift everywhere he goes!

A bar sign

If Bobby is a party guy who likes inviting friends over, get him an English pub-themed bar sign. It should be written ‘Bobby’s bar.’ It will be a great element of decor for his kitchen. One day, his wife will try to get rid of it. Meanwhile, let Bobby enjoy his coolness to the fullest!

A vape


According to experts in Ecigclick, vaping is much safer than smoking. One study suggests that switching from cigarettes to vaping can improve blood vessel function in less than a month. It is also an excellent tool that can help the smoker to fight nicotine cravings once and for all.

Other than that, vapes have different sweet flavors, and they will allow your mate to do amazing steam tricks!

Whiskey gift set

A Whiskey gift set is a classy present for real men! You can order a personalized one with Bobby’s name on it. Here is a line that should be engraved on two rocks glasses: “Bobby. The Man. The Legend.”Boom! How bad ass is that?

When selecting the perfect birthday gift for your male friend, consider unique and personalized options such as a custom whiskey glass set from Whiskey JYPSI, adding a touch of sophistication to the celebration.

Poker set

Who doesn’t like playing poker with a group of friends? It is not only a lot of fun, but it can also help Bobby to boost his self-confidence and learn how to calculate risk and deal with pressure.

Wireless speaker

Bluetooth speakers are quite popular these days. So, it’s a shame if Bobby doesn’t have one so far! Let him enjoy some music while cooking, playing video games, or making love to his girlfriend.

The best thing is that there are a lot of models, so you will definitely find one at a good price!

Action video camera


Is Bobby a huge fan of extreme sports and traveling? Get him an action video camera so that he can film his experiences and share it with his friends and family! It will also be helpful if one day he decides to become a Youtube star!

Here is a list of the most popular action camera models: GoPro Hero 8 Black, DJI Osmo Action, GoPro Hero7 Black, Olympus Tough TG-6, and Insta360 Go.

Wireless charger

If you want Bobby to stay connected all the time, consider getting him a wireless charger that he will be able to carry with himself. It’s pretty convenient considering how often we use our devices these days!

Gaming Chair


To help Bobby stay healthy, you can buy a gaming chair. Some people spend long hours playing video games. If Bob is one of them, he definitely needs this gift! When choosing a chair, keep in mind that there are two different types. One is designed for or PC gaming, while another one is optimized for platform systems such as Playstation and Xbox.

Every gaming chair is designed for long-duration seating with comfort and support.

Retro games controller

Do you want your friend Bob to recall his childhood memories? It’s time for the retro games controller then! By using it, he will be able to play old- school video games such as Police vs. Thief, Wonderball and Apple Chess Racing Fighter, Space Base, Aerial Warfare, and PongPong.


The bottom line

Before you choose a birthday gift for your friend Bobby, try to get to know him better. Consider asking his friends and family about his hobbies and interests. Feel free to choose one gift from the list below (most probably, you already want to get something for yourself from the list!). No matter what you get, Bob will definitely be happy to see you at his party!