Gold Necklace Designs For Every Occasion


Gold necklaces are available in traditional as well as modern designs. You can choose from works that are heavy-duty to lightweight. People choose from a variety of traditional designs for special occasions like weddings, festivals, etc. Exclusive gold is used in making chains, chockers, beads, cable, rope, and other styles. These are suitable for everyday use. You can buy a heavy gold chain with intricate designs and patterns if it suits your taste.

Gold is auspicious


Many cultures consider gold to be an auspicious metal. It is bought during festivals and other auspicious ceremonies. Mariner or Figaro’s style of gold chain is popular with men. It has masculine design elements that suit men more than women. Men who love adorning jewelry can choose this design for a necklace. Rolo is an interlocking necklace that comes in a variety of widths and lengths. These are chunkier designs that both men and women can choose to wear.  You can buy a heavy gold chain with intricate designs and patterns if it suits your taste. You can also check out Jewlr for more

Twist curb chain


This design suits women and can be used for daily wear. It looks elegant and contemporary. It is durable and can be used for many years without any hassle. The pattern is simple and elegant. You can wear it with or without a pendant. Braided, as well as a twisted variety of chains, look great on formal as well as casual outfits. These are the types of clothing that look best with rock clothing.

Bridal necklaces


These are usually heavy necklaces and suitable for weddings. Bridal gold jewelry is created with intricate details. Traditional motifs, florals, paisleys, and other auspicious symbols are used for creating gold jewelry. Choose from chokers and other types of bridal jewelry designs in gold when you go jewelry shopping. Make your day special and look at your best choice from these stunning designs.

Gold necklace sets


Lightweight necklace sets with earrings and finger rings are available in beautiful designs. You can buy them at a reasonable price with discounts available. They look good on sarees and suit women of all age groups. Style yourself with traditional jewelry for festivals, ceremonies, and all social gatherings. They are studded with stones, pearls, and other materials.

Gold coin necklace


A traditional necklace worn by South Indian women is considered to be auspicious. You can also find Goddess idols in Indian decorated with these types of necklaces. It symbolizes a goddess of wealth and prosperity. These styles of necklaces are also used for dance performances and other auspicious occasions. This is a classic gold jewelry design preferred for weddings in India.

Tired necklaces


They look imperial and are made with various design elements. Step necklaces look elegant and regal. They are fashionable and suit older women well. These types of necklaces are studded with gemstones and motifs of flowers, peacocks, paisleys, and more. Creating these types of necklaces needs a higher level of craftsmanship and looks unique made in gold and other precious or semiprecious stones.

Herringbone design


It is also known as jali design and looks good on younger women. Newlywed brides look stunning wearing these designs. These types of designs are worn for family functions and other auspicious occasions. They are intricate and made with many detailed design elements. These are eternal designs that will always stay in fashion and never go out of fashion.

How to pick the best wedding jewelry:


Women love jewelry. The choices may differ but you would rarely find someone who says that they don’t like jewelry. The craze of picking items gets even bigger when you have to buy it for special occasions like weddings. Considering the increasing craze, there are special wedding ring jewelry stores as well that specifically sell items. If you too are planning to buy for your wedding, here are a few tips that might come in handy.

  • Keeping it elegant

You might be the richest person on the planet and have all the money to spend on the heaviest necklace in the world, but it doesn’t mean that you overdo it. Wear jewelry that is heavy yet elegant and completely suitable as per the occasions. For instance plan for diamond earrings online shopping when you need something for the cocktails instead of some heavy gold necklace. Always ensure that the necklace completely suits your face and doesn’t make you look overdone.

  • Matching the jewelry with outfits

Not just the outfit, but the theme also is very important when you are picking wedding jewelry. You always should know that there are some rules you don’t mess with. There are various options like gold jewelry, diamonds, silver, pearl, white gold, platinum, etc. So you need to make sure that whatever piece of jewelry you pick up, it matches the color of your dress and compliments the work and finish on the wedding dress as well.

  • Neckline

One thing that women often overlook while picking up the necklace is the neckline of their dress or the blouse they would wear to make the necklace visible. Since you would pay a lot of attention to the diamond necklace price, it is also important to make sure that whatever you pick is at least visible clearly. If you are wearing a low neckline, you could go with bigger and longer pieces to cover the entire neck, but in case it is really high and not much would be visible, it is better to stick to the basic options.

  • Considering the comfort levels

As mentioned above, it is important to make sure you don’t overdo anything and ensure that the necklace adds to your elegance. What you need to remember along with this is your comfort level. Some people are only comfortable with simple jewelry like basic earrings and rings, considering which they only buy gold rings online along with other pieces, while others would want everything glamorous. So whatever, you pick, make sure you’re comfortable with it as you’d have to wear it for a long time.


Crystals, pearls, and other stones studded in gold necklace look great with western as well as traditional clothes. They look dazzling and are billing in their make and craftsmanship. You can feel like a queen or princess wearing these designs.