How Pencil Cases and Similar Acessories Can Help You To Get Organised

The humble pencil case and similar accessories are very overlooked in the world of organization! We all usually just associate these accessories with being in school back when we used to use our hands to write every day (can you imagine!) and leave it that. But what if you could use your pencil case, for example, to bring some serious organization and calmness to your everyday life? Well, guess what, you absolutely can. Here’s how you can use that little pencil case of yours to structure your day to day routine…

Cards and change

Who carries a full, clunky wallet with them everywhere? Hardly anyone, and that’s because they take up a heap of room, don’t fit in your pocket and just gather random receipts and old loyalty cards from that coffee shop that you used to go to about three years ago. Instead, why not consider using a small leather pencil case or pouch to stash away the essential cards that you use every day? This means that they will always be completely accessible and in your pocket. Pop your loose change in here so as not to waste it at the bottom of your bag!


A little pencil case with a dark lining makes the perfect compact makeup case for bringing along your essentials to work or on a night out. Products like powder, lipstick, and eyeliner have a habit of getting lost in your bag, whether it’s big or small they always have a way of disappearing somehow! Keep your core items all in one place so that you can quickly touch up throughout the day, easily. You can also stash your hair grips and bands in here for when your hair is annoying you!

Artistic elements

Calling all creatives! If you love to put a pencil, paintbrush or pen to paper, you probably already own some sort of case to keep your tools in. However, you can always go for an upgrade to make your artistic process that little bit smoother! Opt for a canvas roll-up case for a romantic, cool way of tucking those tools away when they’re not in use. This type of pencil case also takes up minimal room, which is handy for students who are lugging a lot around campus with them.


Of course, stationary has to be on this list! This is literally what pencil cases, like ones from, are made for, so it’s safe to say that they keep your stationery organized very well. Pop your pens and pencils in here so that you always have a tool on hand. This is especially essential for those who are always zipping to meetings, needing to jot something down and not having a pen isn’t an impressive look.


Why not pop your toiletries in a roomy case? Mini mouth wash, toothpaste, a toothbrush, floss and a rollerball of perfume will all slide seamlessly into your case to keep you clean and fresh throughout the day. You can also fit a mini deodorant, blotting papers and tweezers in there if you like to have these on hand.

How to choose the right case?


Once you’ve determined exactly how you’re going to put your pencil case to work, it’s time to choose the perfect one for you! Look at material, style, and color carefully to make the right choice for you. If you want a sleek look, leather is great, for a rustic vibe opts for canvas and if you’re looking for something in the middle, you can’t go wrong with cotton! Be sure to pick a size that accommodates all your belongings and that matches your elected pencil case function. Finally, pick a case that makes you happy and that you love the look of! The perfect pencil case awaits!