10 Photoshoot Ideas That Aren’t Boring

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Taking your camera out on a very nice day and pointing it to a fascinating subject is a good thing. However, you can take your creativity to the next level. You don’t even have to be a professional to do this. All it takes is to understand the lightness and darkness of the scenery you wish to snap on or the subject or object you want to photograph.

Whether you are looking for more professional tips or simply want to bring your Instagram or Tumblr pictures to the next level, you can use these photoshoot ideas to make your content more exciting to view to keep the boredom away. 

Your pictures will soon bring more audiences to your social media accounts, make more royalties, or impress your family and friends.

So, what are we waiting for? Here are ten excellent ideas that should bring more excitement to your collection of memories and make it less or not boring at all.

Choose your Subjects to Make a Fascinating Composition

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This isn’t just the pick, point, and shoot technique. This is about carefully selecting an interesting subject for your picture, and match it with a background that suits the one you are trying to capture.

If they are static or immovable objects, you can move around the object and match the background that would work best with the object. For example, if you are trying to take a picture of a flower, you can match it with the grass around it or a park scenery. Then, you can start playing with focus and aperture to make your pictures look more surreal and stunning at the same time.

This is a good tip for those who cannot seem to find a good background for their object shots or know how to make the subjects in their photos stand out. You can choose themes after picking a subject to focus on and even make the background match with the theme you wanted to use on your image.

Change your Shooting Directions to Get a Unique Perspective

Trust me. Every picture doesn’t have to be in a straightforward direction or position. You can be playful in pointing the camera from the top of the subject or down below.

We are all used to having our pictures taken from the front of every subject. Most of our portraits are taken at the front side. What if we try to mix it up a little bit and try to snap a scene in an unusual way? Unless you are doing a formal shoot, you can change the shooting direction of the subject or rotate the angle to make it look dashing and more alive. If you are putting most of your pictures on Instagram, you can try the rotate function to change the angle of your photos. However, it is always best to decide on angles right before you shoot the picture. Whatever you decide on, just never stick to one direction unless you’re told to do so.

Try Using the Same Props Repeatedly

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Using a single prop might be boring. However, using it in many ways and with many poses could spark up some excitement on your photographs. Photography isn’t just all about snapping and shooting anything you see with your eye. Even with a single item that’s used in many ways could make or break your photography skills, so be creative with it.

You may want to use a single prop and shoot with it in every direction with your subject or change the position of the prop along with every pose and emotion of the subject. You can even try changing the subject from time to time and still use the same object as props to accent their poses or angles.

However, just one piece of advice is to not make the props the main subject of your image. Though you have used it multiple times with your subject, always focus on it and not on the props. Except when you intended to have that prop as the main subject, you are aiming to bring more life, more accent, and more vibrancy to it by adding the object with them in your photoshoot.

Try Multiple Shooting on the Same Subject

Again, shooting from the front is not the only way to take a picture. You can shoot your subject in many angles and in many directions. Taking that shot of someone or something in multiples can bring forth a tinge of fun and excitement. You can plan on this kind of photoshoot beforehand

Keep in mind, playing with light while adding different color filters or chromes can bring more details and aesthetics to the photo. Whatever you decide on, it is about progressive ideas. Plus, you’ll learn more about your subject every time you snap that camera at him or her, getting more ideas and perspectives with every angle.

Motion Pictures are Worth Trying

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What about motion? Well, I guess you have heard about action and light streak photography if you are an amateur photographer. If not, these types of techniques will capture motion. Sports camera focuses on the moving subject and captures it in still motion while everything else around it moves and makes streaks around the subject. Light streak photography is more on light streaks, especially with moving vehicles at night.

These kinds of photography will either need your hands to remain steady or make use of a tripod. Light streak photography is the easiest to do and can even be done with smartphones nowadays. For professional cameras, set your shutter speed to larger numbers to get more blur. For instance, moving vehicles will appear as “streaks of light.”

There are more ways to play with motion. You can take a photo of a running horse in a derby by setting your shutters to midrange numbers while making everything else around it move and become streaks giving a good background that complements the horse.

Play with Reflections

This is not just your regular bathroom mirror selfie. It is all about the reflections of your subject and how it complements the composition. Playing with reflections is all about symmetry. Mirroring a specific object can even bring a stunning subject and adds more vibrancy and excitement to the photoshoot aside from the great aesthetic the reflection brings to the image.

However, reflection doesn’t have to be all about symmetry. Reflections also bring drama to a subject, depending on the reflection it brings to the subject. For example, a woman posing on a tinted car window reflection and sees herself on it brings a good drama and a stunning subject for photography at the same time.

Reflections are also about playing with colors and balance in photography. As subjects are reflected on mirror surfaces, you can see a difference in details and can even variate your subject towards another level of composition in photography.

Check for Shadows and Use Them on your Photographs

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Shadows are also a good composition until it blocks your main subject. However, if it is your main subject, shadows bring balance to light and darkness to your image. This is also a good subject for your everyday photography on a sunny day. If you are not into utterly bright images, shadow photographs are also a good experiment for you. It is all about recognizing the negative light and positive light on your photo composition while bringing in a playful appeal to your pictures through playing with shadows.

Try Juxtaposing your Subjects

If you think this is all about opposites, it is not all the time. Juxtaposing your subject is all about seeing a good contrast on two or more subjects and play with them in your photoshoot. For example, a picture of a human walking his pet dog is a good example. Human and dog is the main subject and is contrasted with one another in form and stature. This is already doing juxtaposition. It is a good exchange of subject ideas and adds that playful sensation to your pictures.

Get Inspired by a TV Show or Movie Concepts

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If you think of a purple light bar and café from Stranger Things and Riverdale, you are right. Some shops and cafes are designed to be like those in movies and TV shows. However, that is not the only way to get inspired by movies and TV shows. You can even play dress up and pose yourself as Harley Quinn or the Joker or whomever you want to emulate. Most photographers had their subjects pose like Forrest Gump and got a good take on it. Only one rule applies here in this technique – be inspired.

Try a Technique you Haven’t Tried Before

There is no harm in trying new techniques in taking a picture. As long as it is something that could make you get excited and learn new ways to bring an object to life in your snapshots, you would want to bring new skills in your portfolio. Plus, do it while thinking outside of the box. 

Photography is all about exploring your comfort zone. Unless it is extreme, which would entail death-defying poses, be excited about trying portrait shots when you are a landscape photographer or vice versa. Whatever these techniques bring you, it will be for a better outcome.

Have fun with the process, and enjoy documenting the entire process via blogging and vlogging. If you are building an online brand you should consider using these strategies to get better exposure. The best vlogging camera can also be found on shelfreport also.