5 Rules for Picking the Right Rapid Prototyping Company in China

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If you’re going to outsource your rapid prototyping projects to China, you have every right to be concerned. After all, the company you’re going to hire for this work is literally on the other side of the globe from you. This is why it’s of utmost importance to do thorough research before signing any contract. 

So, how are you supposed to find a good rapid prototyping company in China? The good news is that these days, most of those companies have their web presentations written in English. But, this doesn’t mean your job is going to be easy. You will have to do your research in order to find the best one. And here are the main things you have to pay attention to during your search.

How Long Will It Take?

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Delivery time means a lot when rapid prototyping is concerned. And that is the main reason why most companies from the US and Europe still prefer to do business with the prototyping companies from their own countries, rather than outsourcing it.

When it comes to overseas projects, you need to take the shipping time into account as well. This is the reason why the entire process needs to be as fast as possible, without any delays. You surely don’t want to wait weeks or months for your items to come home.

The Volume of Work

Prototype outsourcing to China is becoming a big thing, meaning that CNC machining companies are getting many orders from overseas. And that means that they might be too busy to handle all your projects at once. This is why it’s extremely important to check how much work they can actually handle.

Quality Control

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There’s no room for trust in business. Instead of taking them by their word, you need to ask for quality control certifications from the rapid prototyping company. You can trust them they’ll do good work only if there’s evidence for that. Otherwise, the risk is just too big.

How Long They’ve Been Around?

Another way to see whether a company is to be trusted is to check when it was established. Rapid prototyping is an industry that has a decades-long history in China. And that means that there are many companies out there that have been around since the nineties. The logic is that if a company has been around for so long, it must be doing a fine job. You can learn about one such company on this website

How Much Is it Going to Cost?

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After all, the number one reason why people decide to outsource their work to Asia is to save money and subsequently make bigger profits. To make sure you’re actually going to make more money by letting the Chinese companies take care of the job for you is of crucial importance. 

Our advice is to put everything on the paper and see whether you’re going to save money, but also don’t forget to take other factors into the account, including your time and energy.