2017 Celebrity Big Brother Summer Cast Rumors – Who is joining the house?

The first celebrity Big Brother series is over, and we cannot wait for the summer blockbuster edition. This is going to be the twentieth celebrity series, but some rumors indicate that it might be All Stars vs. New Stars for the second time. So, who are the possible participants?

New Stars

Sarah Harding

She is a Girls Aloud singer, and according to Tabloid, Sarah is in two minds whether she should join the show or not.

Sarah Harding Source: miror.co.uk

Jordan Davies

Rumor has it that the reality star and Megan McKenna’s ex-boyfriend Jordan will be one of the new stars of the reality. He appeared on both ITV Weekender and Ex On The Beach.


Sinitta is Simon Cowell’s ex and 1980s singer. She told OK! Magazine when she was asked to join the Big Brother: “I’ve given them my rider, but there have been complaints. I just asked for a few things that would make it nice because they’ve asked me every year and I’ve always said no. But if these things could happen, then I could do it.”

Sinitta Source: digitalspy.com

“If I last more than halfway, I want my puppy to visit me. I want a swearing ban, because I don’t swear and people shouldn’t be allowed to swear at me or around me. I asked for a bodyguard who would stand with me at all times, especially when I’m asleep.”

“The producer said it’s the most ridiculous rider they’d ever had. It has gone a bit quiet, I must admit. But if you don’t ask, you don’t get,” added Sinitta.

Source sheknows.com

Dawn Ward

Sinitta and Dawn Ward are enemies, and according to tabloids, the name of Dawn Ward is also on the list of participants.

Helen Lederer

Actress and comedian Helen Lederer was linked last week, and she told the Evening Standard: “I think they thought they saw me going into the hotel which the producers put the contestants in. But it wasn’t me, it was Sam Fox. We do look similar from behind, you know.”

Caitlyn Jenner

We might also see Caitlyn Jenner who supposedly stopped by the Channel 5 headquarters to talk about participating in the Celebrity Big Brother. She is rumored to be offered more than $1 million to say yes.

Caitlyn Jenner Source: eonline.com

Kate Wright

Kate has quit TOWIE this year, and she could take on other TV roles. CBB bosses want to get her on board, but she still needs to confirm whether she’s in or out.

Hulk Hogan

Hulk Hogan, the WWE superstar, would be an awesome housemate, but in previous years, he has turned down the offer. Is he going to accept it now?

Hulk Hogan Source: abcnews.com

Spencer Matthews

Spencer has experience with I’m A Celebrity and The Jump, but he might participate in CBB as well this year. He will most likely enter the house.

Pete Wicks

Another TOWIE star chased by Channel 5 to enter the house. Pete Wicks is one of the most famous reality show stars and mostly thanks to his relationship with Megan McKenna.

Pete Wicks Source: digitalspy.com

Derek Acorah

Derek is definitely entering the CBB’s house since he signed the contract. These reports have been denied but let’s wait and see what happens.

The Cheeky Girls

The Sun reports that the Cheekies are in “serious talks” with Big Brother directors. Hopefully, it is the celebrity edition we are talking about right?

The Cheeky Girls Source: youtube.com

Wayne Shaw

This is highly unlikely to happen, but there is a bunch of people on Twitter who would love to see Wayne Shaw in the CBB. He became famous as the Sutton FC goalkeeper who was eating a pie during a match.

Wayne Shaw Source: mirror.co.uk

Jemma Lucy

According to The Sun, Jemma Lucy is currently in talks with CBB. “Everyone knows Jemma makes for great telly so it’s no surprise she’s on the Celebrity Big Brother wanted list,” a classic ‘source’ said. “She’s not afraid to have a barney or strip off, so she’ll definitely spice up the house.”

Faryal Makhdoom

Faryal is a 25-year old model who will perhaps enter the house. She wrote: “Hey guys, I got asked to be on Celebrity Big Brother … it’s a very tricky one and idk if I can do it. I want all my followers advice. On my last Instagram post tell me whether I should or shouldn’t? I want you guys to pick! X.”

Jaymi Hensley

The Mirror reports that The Union J singer is thinking about entering the CBB house. He wanted to do it in the past, but he was prevented due to work commitments.

Jaymi Hensley Source: digitalspy.com

Bobby Norris

Bobby could enter the house after Gemma Collins, according to The Sun and he had a meeting with the show bosses. He declared: “I’ve watched it literally since series one day one, and I’m on BOTS most series to be fair and I think I’d quite fancy the challenge of doing it because I’m such a fan of the show.”

Bobby Norris Source: mirror.co.uk

Talulah-Eve Brown

Talulah-Eve Brown is the Britain’s Next Top Model contestant who loves to be in the center of attention, and CBB wants her inside the house. She wanted to appear on I’m A Celebrity, but she was rejected, so she talks with Channel 5 now.

All Stars

Jeremy McConnell and Stephanie Davis

Could we actually see these two, who found love on the show in the past? Jeremy appeared on This Morning for a DNA test on live TV, and he learned that he was a father. Now, the pair could show up in the house. However, before January’s series, Stephanie tweeted: “Come on now. I will not be taking part in CBB 2017. It was lovely to be asked but my priorities are my son and being an amazing mummy.”

Jeremy McConnell and Stephanie Davis Bobby Norris Source: mirror.co.uk

Ivana Trump

Ivana Trump is the first wife of the US President Donald Trump, and she has had experience with the shows. She was offered about $2.5 million to appear in the CBB.

Ivana Trump Source: usmagazine.com

Stephen Bear

Bear was asked to be in January’s series, but he was working on Celebs Go Dating. His schedule is clear now, and he told The Sun: “Of course I’ll do the show again. They asked me in January, and they’re probably going to ask me again this summer.”

Nicola McLean

We have already seen Nicola in CBB before, but this could be her third time in the show. She posted on Twitter: “I’ve only just packed my cases from Cbb. Better late than never I suppose.”

Perez Hilton

Perez was apparently offered to return to the house in the current series, but he wasn’t happy with the offer. He said that he wanted more than $300,000. He wanted Channel 5 to meet his salary demands, and he revealed: “For those of you who sweetly keep wanting an update or confirmation…. Yes, I was asked to appear on next month’s #CelebrityBigBrother “all-stars” edition in the U.K. Despite my better judgement, I said I would do it… IF the price is right!”

Perez Hilton Source: gazettereview.com

Kellie Maloney

Kellie would like another go. She told The Sun: “I would like to go back into the Big Brother house now so that people could see the real Kellie Maloney. When they saw me back in 2014, I was in a very bad place because I was coming to terms with myself and I was fighting myself as well as being accepted by the world, because there was still a lot of Frank in me. The Big Brother house helped me a lot, so I’d love to go back, as I don’t think the world really met the real Kellie Maloney. I wouldn’t say no if it was offered to me, as it would give me the opportunity to show the world how I’ve matured and how I’ve grown up and how I’ve become the real me.”

Lauren Harries

Lauren also wants to go back in the house: “It’s always possible, you never know what might happen,” she told The Sun. “I need to go back in! There have been petitions, I get hundreds of notifications a day. I can’t go outside as people are asking why I’m not in the house! I never do anything just for attention, I’d never stage anything like Speidi – they act. They make a few words spread like Lord of the Flies, then starts the confrontation and it’s all lies.”

Lauren Harries Source: digitalspy.com

Rhian Sugden

Rhian had been approached by the Celebrity Big Brother to return to the house. She said: “I would love to go back in and experience it properly. I am more mature now and less hot-headed. My time was ruined in the house, I went in and had to lie about having a boyfriend at the time and it got me in all kinds of trouble. I am a natural-born flirt, I wasn’t doing anyone any harm.”

Rhian Sugden Source: projectshanks.com


Frenchy was really interesting to watch on CBB in 2014, and now, the producers want her back in the house. However, she wants more than $100,000 to enter the show.

Source: digitalspy.com

Courtney Stodden

Daily Star confirms that Courtney is asked to enter the house in the summer. She hasn’t said anything so far but, she is rumored to return and even stay in Britain when the show ends.

Farrah Abraham

Farrah started the rumor herself by posting the story of “All Star” on her Instagram. However, we don’t know whether Channel 5 wants her back in the show.

Farrah Abraham Source: digitalspy.com

Speaking of Channel 5, they want to bring back more iconic CBB stars to make this “the best out of the 20 series” reports The Sun. Follow us for more details.