What Is Dak Prescott’s Fantasy Value?


NFL season is just around the corner which also means that Fantasy Football fans will be getting ready to think about their draft strategies and what they are going to do when their Fantasy Draft days come. This is one of the most popular things in the United States during the football season as everybody loves playing in one of the many fantasy leagues that can be created on NFL.com, Yahoo.com or many other platforms.

Just like every year, most of the top picks will be quality running backs as there aren’t many of them available later in the draft. There will also be some high caliber wideouts that will go early in the draft like Julio Jones or Odell Beckham Jr. The quarterbacks are usually not high picks in Fantasy leagues, but we are today going to take a look at Dak Prescott and why you should consider drafting him in your league.

Guys that have a great TD-INT ratio are always great for fantasy owners. Even though Dak Prescott won’t blow you away with the number of passing touchdowns, he will for sure keep that ratio high which is what fantasy owners love seeing. He is also going to gain some yards on the ground, which makes him just one of the few quarterbacks that are also dangerous on the ground as well as in the air.


There is no doubt that Prescott can be a solid option, especially if you want to focus on other positions before the QB spot. His 23 passing touchdowns and 6 rushes for a score are something that you loved if you snatched him from the waiver wire a year ago. You can hope that he can improve and progress after his very good rookie year. If he does, he will make you proud for picking him up, especially if he goes in the mid-rounds.