iPhone 8 Will Be Costly For A Reason

Source: 9to5mac.com

Usually, Apple introduced the new iPhones in mid-September, while its global release is ten days after the official unveiling. Several reports indicate that the official debut of the iPhone 8 will be delayed and many trustworthy analysts believe that the new device will go on sale in late October.

The Apple’s decision to postpone the release can be traced back to technical challenges that are associated with the phone’s design. Speaking of the design, the iPhone 8 will feature an edgeless OLED display with a Touch ID sensor embedded into it. It will be a technological marvel and the peak for Apple. Even though most of the discussions and rumors about the delay of the new flagship smartphone focus on technical problems, Jason Snell of Macworld emphasizes the challenges Apple faces when they are ramping up production.

He said that the iPhone had become perhaps a too successful product and the tech giant cannot allow a supply shortage of any sorts. He said: “This is one of those areas where Apple may be the victim of its own success. The iPhone is such a popular product that Apple can’t include any technology or source any part if it can’t be made more than 200 million times a year. If the supplier of a cutting-edge part Apple wants can only provide the company with 50 million per year, it simply can’t be used in the iPhone. Apple sells too many, too fast.”

Source: yuotube.com

This is a good point, and if Apple wants to introduce a new tech to the iPhone, this is going to go into the mainstream from day one. The popularity of last year’s Apple iPhone 7 Plus went through the roof, and even the quite high price tag didn’t affect the demand. Now that you think about it, Apple can easily put a $1,200 price tag on the new phone and not feel guilty about it. Excessive delays are not advantageous for anyone, and we know that Apple is doing everything on schedule.

In a nutshell, Apple iPhone 8 will be the most advanced device that has come out of the company and the hefty price tag will just be a reflection of all that fancy tech. Plus with it, Apple will try to alter the demand slightly.