2017 Lincoln Continental runs the race for luxury cars, auto reviewers speak


Image and reputation are two different things. Lincoln continually learned this lesson in the automotive industry. A subsidiary of Ford Motors, Lincoln moved silently beside its mother company.

But this time, they are all fired up. This brand also has a strong name in its lineup, and they are stepping up to its reputation.

The time was indeed right for Lincoln to bring up a new model for luxury cars segment. There is a booming market in China while Americans are becoming more enthusiastic about luxury cars. Hence, they pushed very hard to have its brand, and we are glad to see that happening as it ended up in the introduction of the Continental.

Lincoln won a significant amount of fame with the launch of this model. It allowed them to start building its reputation in the luxury sedan market plus improving the overall image of the company itself.

One of the goals of previous versions was to beat European luxury vehicles, and it failed at doing that. The new model does not come with such aspirations and we like that fact very much. Finally, it seems, that America has a luxury sedan that truly represents America.

The Continental may have toned down its exterior, but the interior is quite exceptional. It makes use of modern, artistic designs which allows it to surpass many of its competitors. The car only uses top-rated, high-quality materials. One of the most unique features here are the colors and coatings as it is launched in three unique interior themes: Rhapsody, Thoroughbred, and Chalet.


All three Continental versions are worthy of commendation. The designers have indeed used their imagination well. They may even have gone overboard with the lavish feature. The black background for the gauge cluster is also not very appealing.

A total of four different trims are offered, and these include Premiere, Select, Reserve and Black Label. Overall, the luxurious look of Lincoln Continental is receiving good marks and reviews.

However, the company also admits its shortcomings with this model. The luxurious sedan is not entirely snug. One needs to take some time to become familiar with its controls. The transmission button can be quite confusing, and its mechanisms are quite odd compared to regular sedans. You may get used to its awkwardness after some time, but it could be irritating for casual driver.

An auto reviewer drove the Continental for a day, and he had a pretty good time with it. He pressed on the gas and the sedan went on smoothly. A soft noise from its six forward gears was deeply gratifying. The Continental has awesome power under the hood, but the problem is that it uses up a lot of fuel so we think that tt could benefit from less powerful engine option.

Those who have tried this car recommend the Continental to run on freeways and boulevards. This car is perfect for long drives. Turn up the volume on its 19-speaker stereo and the activate the seat massage. You’re for a deep relaxation inside this luxury car. You can even invite your friends when you upgrade the rear seats of your vehicle but have in mind that such improvement has a price and in this case pretty high as it costs another $4,300.

Simply out, this limousine offers a fantastic driving experience. It is like traveling in business class on an airplane. All you need is a mirror or perhaps a video where you can see yourself driving it as you definitely would love to boast having this car. It makes you feel good.

Most people agree that we have hit the peak of luxury with rich design. But critics also say that such design is both a blessing and a curse. It has all the things a person could wish for in luxury car, but it lacks the personality that auto lovers are looking for when buying a vehicle.

What can compare and what are its main rivals? The auto reviewers were reluctant to mention the Cadillac CT6. The makers of the CT6 surely did not have the Continental in mind when they crafted their automobile. But the Caddy carries out similar tasks like the one coming from Lincoln, and it is also equally priced. Hence, the two cars are being compared.

However, according to the auto reviewers, Volvo S90 beats them both in the race for the best luxury model.

Nevertheless, the Continental brings new hope to this American luxury car company. Lincoln Motors is taking a giant leap of faith when they introduced the 2017 Lincoln Continental into the market.