Honda UR-V SUV Will Only Hit The Chinese Market

The new UR-V has been introduced by the company and it will only go on sale in China. We finally get to see how it looks. First of all, the Concept D, which was presented at 2015 Shanghai Auto Show, served as an inspiration for the new vehicle.

Furthermore, the UR-V also resembles the Avancier, as PC Auto and Chesi stated. Just for the record, the Avancier was unveiled at the beginning of this year. The hood, grille, bumpers, rear and headlight differ between the two models, but the rest aspects of the car are indeed similar.

The wheelbase of both cars is 2,820mm. However, the Avancier is shorter than the new model by 9 mm, whereas the UR-V is taller by just 1mm, which is not too large a difference.

The Avancier will be the first to arrive in China, and it is supposed to happen in October. On the other hand, the UR-V will probably be available to customers at the beginning of 2017.

A 2.0-liter turbocharged engine that produces 272 hp and 370 Nm of torque will be located under the hood of the UR-V. The car will be equipped with a ZF 9-speed automatic gearbox and an AWD will be a standard variant.

Stay tuned for more details.