Will Dak Prescott Keep His Job If He Beats The Eagles?


Rumors and stories about Dallas Cowboys‘ quarterback situation are just never going to end. This is one of the hottest topics in the NFL each and every week. Everybody is talking about what Prescott needs to do in order to remain a starter for the ‘Boys? Well, is beating the Eagles the last thing that he needs to do so he could keep his job?

A lot of people have stated that he should be moved to the bench once Romo comes back if Cowboys are playing good football. Well, not only they are playing it, but they are winning games. Then people said that if he beats the Packers, he should remain behind center. While saying that, nobody really believed that he could go to the Lambeau Field and take that one home, but he did.

Now it’s the Eagles that he needs to beat in order to keep his job. But this time, we know that Tony Romo is soon to be cleared. He was seen practicing just a couple of days ago and his return is inevitable. Eagles game might be the final one before he is cleared to get back on the field.


That is why Prescott needs to beat the Eagles. Last impressions matter most, and this might be the last that he gets to make before Romo suits up again. He needs to be sure that he leaves a good one.

If Romo doesn’t come back and Dak beats Eagles what will be next? He will need to take Super Bowl so he could keep his job? When will this end and will it end? On the other hand, maybe Romo is waiting for Prescot to slip up so he could come back as a solution for a bad performance of currently starting QB.