Here’s What Cowboys Need To Do To Slow Down Carson Wentz

Dallas Cowboys will meet with the Philadelphia Eagles in one of the most anticipated matchups of Week 8. These two teams are leading their division and battling in this game that might turn out to be crucial later in the season. Cowboys are riding that five-game winning streak, but what do they need to do in order to keep that streak alive?

Carson Wentz has been impressive in the first couple of rounds. Since that, he has been somewhat average in the past three weeks. Those performances really made him look like a rookie quarterback that he is, but we need him at that superstar level. When you give him time, he is going to hurt you more often than not as Wentz is a great decision-maker from the pocket, just like Prescott is. But, there are some weaknesses that this Dallas’ defense could exploit and will need to exploit in order to win this one.

Wentz is sometimes locking on to one target, and he stares that one down the field. Three interceptions that he made were while staring down and phoning in his throw so defenders can focus on one man that he is firing at. Of course, he isn’t going to do that every time.

After all, he was considered as one of the smartest quarterbacks in the college. But, when it’s time to make a key play, you can maybe catch him staring down one target and give you a shot to make the right play defensively.

Short passes are also something that this Philly offense is trying to exploit. Pressure from the Cowboys should come early and often. If they lock in on these things, they will have a great shot to win the game on Sunday against Philly.