4 Trampoline Accessories Your Kids Will Love

Bouncing on a trampoline is one of life’s simple pleasures, like jumping in a lake on a hot day or hanging out with friends on the weekend. It doesn’t require much – just a trampoline and some energy – yet it’s incredibly fun, and a surprisingly good workout.

But what if you could make the trampoline even more fun? It sounds impossible, but that’s the idea behind these four awesome trampoline accessories, each of which you can find at most large stores across the US. Sure, bouncing is one of life’s simplest pleasures, but with these four accessories you can double the fun. Let’s take a look:

Digital Gaming System

This one is a game changer: a system that uses sensors on the trampoline mat to connect with interactive games on a tablet! The tgoma from Springfree Trampoline turns your trampoline into a Smart Trampoline, allowing you to play all sorts of fun, physical games right from the safety of your trampoline. It’s great for the whole family, getting kids and adults alike up off the couch and engaging in fun, athletic play. And since Springfree Trampolines are made very safe, you don’t have to worry about the added distraction being dangerous.

Basketball Hoop

It’s near impossible for kids to slam-dunk on a regular hoop, but with a trampoline basketball hoop you can do your best LeBron impression, no matter how old or tall you are. It’s a great accessory if you want to practice your free throw shot, if you want to practice dunking, or if you just want to goof around with a basketball. Simply attach it to the netting surrounding the trampoline, throw on your best jersey (optional!) and start playing.

A Sunshade

Kids want to bounce all year round, but in the height of summer, when the sun is at its harshest, it’s not a great idea to expose yourself for too long, even if you are wearing sunscreen. That’s where a sunshade comes in handy. Easy to install (less than 5 minutes) and blocking out 99% of UVA and UVB rays, a sunshade makes it so even the hottest days of summer are still fair game on the trampoline.

A Ground Anchor

Again, you don’t want Mother Nature dictating when you can and can’t have fun. While it may not be safe to bounce when the weather calls for forceful winds, you can keep your trampoline safe, but affixing it to the ground with a ground anchor. You don’t want to wake up after a windstorm to find your trampoline somewhere high up in the trees – prolong your trampoline’s longevity with a simple, inexpensive ground anchor.

The old saying goes that “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. But there’s nothing saying you can’t add to it to make it more fun! Practice your jump shot, play an interactive game with motion sensors, or simply enjoy bouncing on your trampoline throughout the year. These four accessories take one of life’s simple pleasures – bouncing – and make it even more enjoyable. And if you want to find the best trampoline for your kid, visit kidsridewild.com where you can find great reviews.