5 Best Women Superstars On WWE Smackdown Live Roster


Smackdown brand does a much better job with their women’s storylines as every single superstar is involved and the events are enjoyable. We have a chance to see every girl on the roster in action every week. Here are the best wrestlers that Smackdown has right now.

5. NatalyaNattie is a great performer in the ring, but her mic skills are a question mark. She definitely works better as a heel than as a face since her promos as a good girl are cringeworthy. Natalya currently has a decent storyline going on with Nikki Bella, and she has been good for Smackdown so far.

4. Nikki Bella – We all know that Nikki is one of the most popular superstars on Smackdown Live as she has been with the company for a long time now. Her good looks also help her a lot, and she is decent in the ring and as a promo. Nikki has been a perfect fit for the organization.


3. Naomi – Her promo’s and face character are questionable. A good storyline behind her actions would be great, but she makes up for all of it with her cool entrance and her athletic ability in the ring. She is currently Smackdown Live Women’s Champion.


2. Becky Lynch – Probably the best in-ring performer of all the women on Smackdown, Becky has been great for the organization and has a huge fan support. She is now in a feud with Mickie James, and it should be a good one since both of them know how to get the job done in the ring.


1. Alexa Bliss – There is nobody better as a promo than Alexa Bliss on Smackdown live. Her heel persona is a thing of beauty to watch, every single move that she makes is calculated and very well done. There is no doubt about the fact that she has been the MVP of blue brand’s Women’s division.