5 Occasions where flowers are a must

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Come to think of it, perhaps the number one gift that has been given through time and today are flowers. Any kind of them, from colorful bouquets to potted plants and stemmed roses. Just think about all the times that you saw flowers being gifted to someone and you will understand why they are considered to be the most common gift of all time. However, if you doubt this, just think about the wide range of reasons why someone would give flowers and you will probably come to the conclusion that they are “universal gifts”. Hence, in this article, you will be able to read about some occasions where gifting flowers is a must. Let’s take a look:

1. Valentine’s Day

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What would Valentine’s Day look like without a nice box of chocolate and a bouquet of roses in various shades of red? In fact, when you think about Valentine’s Day chocolate and roses always come to mind. Is there any other gift that you can come up with for this day? Probably not, because these two gifts are staples of this day.

2. Mother’s Day

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Let’s be honest, our mothers would probably be surprised by any gift that we give them on this day. Flowers are symbols of nature and beauty, and everything that is real and sunny. You can choose from a wide range of flowers like carnations, lily of the valley, or narcissus. Keep in mind that, a mother’s day without flowers is actually a sad day.

3. Birthdays

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One of the gifts that are considered to be a “go-to gift” that every man can count on are flowers. Since there are various flowers to choose from, different shops to go to or order the flowers online, it will be easier for you to purchase a lovely bouquet for that special someone. You could opt for purchasing her favorite type of flower and adding it to the other present you choose in order to make her feel more special. If you want to see some ideas for birthday bouquets, visit here.

4. Get well wishes

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One of the most common “get well” gifts of all time are flowers. You can often see hospital rooms filled with colorful bouquets of flowers. Flowers are commonly gifted since they represent nature, they are bright and sunny, and their scents are often lovely. They can help lift the mood of the ill person and will allow them to enjoy the sight of this beautiful get well gift.

5. Anniversaries

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A boyfriend or a husband will first think about giving their special someone a bouquet of flowers for their anniversary. It is one of the most usual gifts for your partner, one which can certainly make her feel special and will brighten up her day even more. You can opt for seasonal flowers, or you could choose to combine them with a fruit basket or gourmet. You can also try to match it with their personality or you could choose to combine various flowers into one bouquet.


Of course, there are various gifts that are available for every occasion. However, one thing is certain, flowers are universal. The special occasions mentioned above are perfect for gifting flowers to your loved ones. Hence, make sure that you purchase a beautiful bouquet that is nicely arranged and send it to the most important person or people in your life. The flowers will absolutely make that special someone feel happy and will brighten up their day.