6 Ideas to Make Your Husband Happy on His Birthday


Birthdays are celebrated all over the world. It’s one of the most anticipated days in a person’s life. It’s celebrated in many different ways, depending on the country, the age, the celebrator’s personality, and the such, but one thing is for sure, everyone wants it to be unique. The celebrant wants it to be special, whether they admit it or not, and the people surrounding them also want to make it unique.

One of the examples is a husband celebrating his birthday and his wife wanting to do things that will make her husband happy on his day of birth. If you’re one of the wives wanting to make her husband’s birthday exceptional, here are some ideas for you to try.

1.Surprise Breakfast in Bed


Why don’t you go right ahead and start making your husband happy on his special day the moment he wakes up? There’s a saying that goes, ”The best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” That saying has been proven many times, and doing it the first thing in the morning will make it more effective. If you’re a good cook, then the breakfast meal should not be a problem.

You can make something that you don’t usually make for breakfast, which will give him the feeling that his day is unique. However, if you’re not the most fabulous cook out there, it’s not a problem, either. You can opt to make a still fantastic yet straightforward breakfast that will satisfy his stomach. He will always feel that his day is special. After all, it’s the thought that counts.

2.Special Romantic Dinner


Nothing beats a classic romantic dinner. There are so many ways to make your dinner date on your husband’s birthday special. If you’re very busy and are out most of the time, a quiet romantic dinner at home might be a good idea. You can cook some of his most favorite dishes, or have them delivered if you’re not confident with your skills, and set a cozy candle-lit dinner setting in your dining room, balcony, or patio.

“You can also reserve a table at a restaurant. Choose the one that your husband has always wanted to go to. It just depends on your preference, but it is suggested that you opt for the kind of dinner date you do not often have or do. Do not forget to check out many offers and discounts exclusively for birthdays as most brands give special coupons for such occasions,”says Christine Brown,co-founder of a deals website GoMontana.

3.Lunch Delivery


It is unfortunate but very likely that your husband’s birthday will fall on a workday. That will mean that he’d be spending most of his birthday at work and without his loved ones. What you can do here is surprise him with lunch. Instead of letting him eat his everyday lunch, why not have something delicious, say his favorite, delivered to him to his workplace?

Better yet, why don’t you provide the special lunch yourself and maybe have lunch together in his office, or if time allows it, at a nearby park? Both options sound good.

4.Plan A Short Getaway


You can also go big on your husband’s birthday. One of the ways to do that is to plan a getaway with him to somewhere you know he will love. Plan ahead of time, maybe a few months before his birthday, to make sure that everything is set to come to his birthday.

If you can get his boss to grant him a leave of absence on his birthday and maybe the day after it, much better, but if not, you can do this on the weekend after his birthday. It will still be a fun time. It’s also very ideal if your getaway involves long road trips.

5.Give Him Gifts Sent Through Other People


This one will require you to talk to a lot of people and ask them to participate in making your husband happy on his birthday. Instead of giving him one grand gift, why not give him smaller but still special and meaningful gifts?

The real surprise here would be that these said gifts will not come directly from you but people around him throughout the day. They will drop each a gift for him at an unexpected time or chance, which will make the gift-giving even more surprising. You may also attach a small note on each gift to make it extra meaningful. You can also think of gifting kinky toys for adults.

6.Write Him A Letter with Nostalgic Photographs


Of all the ideas, this may be the most sincere – writing a heartfelt letter with your photographers together through time. There’s nothing more romantic than giving your husband a more extensive glimpse of your feelings for him through your words, and the photographs will only drive the message in your letter straight to his heart.


These will surely make your husband incredibly happy on his birthday, but don’t forget to avoid putting too much pressure on yourself. Just remember that whatever you do, no matter how small, will be appreciated by him.