Causes of Drug Relapse and the Ways to Manage Them

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It may not be easy to get over one’s addiction, but then it is not impossible to achieve success in defeating it. All you need is a strong will to fight it and be ready to give yourself every chance that you deserve to get back to a healthy life. Some people believe that if the person becomes sober, he is out of risk. The thing is it doesn’t stop there. In these cases, your brain suffers the most, a kind of rewiring takes place, which needs some more time to become healthy. During this phase, you can face intense urges to use drugs or alcohol. The only way to deal with them is to be brave and determined. Also, identifying the stress points and coping with them is equally necessary.

In this article, you will learn about them briefly to know what to do when faced with such situations. Let’s find out some common triggers first in this endeavor.

Common causes of drug abuse

  • Anger, trauma, anxiety, stress, sorrows and other such strong negative feelings
  • Physical discomfort or withdrawal symptoms
  • Curiosity to explore self-control
  • Daily arguments with near and dear ones or at workplace
  • Desire to feel happy and more productive
  • Peer pressure, especially in clubs and pubs where most people indulge in it
  • In the name of having fun with loved ones

Things to avoid the urges

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When you face any of these situations and feel an urge to go back to the old habit, remind yourself that there is a way to deal with them. Most of the things aforementioned are avoidable or replaceable by certain activities. These can include:

  • Picking up a new habit or hobby, such as in art, music, or sports
  • Spending a peaceful time amidst nature where the mind can relax
  • Following health and diet plans

According to many times people develop unhealthy habits under peer or society pressure also. Hence, if you have friends who are still using illicit substances, try to maintain distance from them. If you are anxious or stressed, meditate or go out in the open to inhale some fresh air. You can also speak to your counselor at the luxury drug rehab where you have been or someone dear to you for help. 

Nowadays, some people use urge surfing as a means to control temptation. It involves three main steps, such as – identifying how cravings emerge, focusing the area where it is most strong, and refocusing the attention on all the body parts to understand how these urges appear and disappear.  

The main point is that there are various ways to help yourself get back to a regular track of life. But you need to make a commitment and be honest in this process. Although chances of relapsing are between 40 to 60%, you should imagine yourself to be among those 60 to 40% of people who have done well and are leading a better life. Don’t be afraid to contact experts like Calgary Dream Center or similar companies that could help you. Another thing is that if something doesn’t work for you, don’t be fixated on it. Instead, you should keep trying alternatives for desirable outcomes.