7 Unique Gift Ideas for Your Early Stage of Romance

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One of the most amazing feelings in the world is those butterflies in your tummy when you are beginning to fall in love with someone. Those glances, the heart buzzing with exhilaration, violins playing, everything feels like a dream you never wish to wake up from.

While you have begun thinking about your journey together down the road, and you have started to think about ‘us’ instead of ‘I,’ it’s time to take it ahead not just with words but also actions. Enjoy the feeling of rising in love, the skipping of heartbeats in those smiles when you pamper them with amazing tokens of love. It’s time to think about unique gift ideas for early-stage relationships. Don’t worry; we have got you covered with 7 romantic gifting ideas for your new love. Read on:

  1. Red Rose Bouquet: If you wish to give a subtle message of love without going overboard with your emotions, a bouquet of 12 roses is a perfect choice that shouts “Be Mine.” Take it slow and assure your dear one of your feelings with the eternal symbol of love, red roses.
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  1. Chocolates: You can never go wrong with chocolates. Chocolates are a versatile option and work well on all occasions and also when you only wish to pamper your dear one with no special occasion at all.
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  1. Books: If you are going on full speed towards establishing your relationship and wish to present gifts that are thoughtful and non-cheesy, a book is the best option. Understand your special one’s favorite genre and pick a book accordingly. Even if the person is not too much into books, this will still make the person happy.
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  1. Soft Toys: Soft toys are an unfailing gift option and make a perfect sense when you are beginning your relationship. It will not only a gift full of hugs and care but would also remind the person of you when they hug it and sleep.
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  1. Earphones: While the relationship is new and fresh and you can’t let the other person go off, headsets are the best option for long voice and video calls. You can have endless conversations and curb the distance with a nice set of earphones when you are far off.
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  1. Cakes: Let the other person have an idea how much you love to pamper. Infuse sweetness in your relationship with a sweet and delish cake of your special one’s favorite flavor. Look out for little excuses of celebration even while you are living far off and surprise them with midnight delivery of cake in Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai or anywhere your loved one resides and give them an overwhelming feeling.
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  1. Pocket Diary: A pocket diary is the perfect gift option when you are at the start of the relationship. It’s a new life, a new journey and every event ought to be cherished and jotted down. While it is believed that men tend to forget dates and women love to cherish moments, a diary is a perfect gifting option for both men and women.
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A new stage of relationship needs to begin with sweet memories. With this gifting guide for a new relationship, be all set to add happy chapters to your tale of love.