Best On The Budget Office Chairs (Under $300)

If we would compare the lifestyle we are now living to the one our ancestors were living centuries ago we could come to a simple conclusion – from walking tens of kilometers on daily basis we now find ourselves sitting for more than 8 hours a day (at least). Of course, it isn’t solely our fault as sitting comes as a consequence of doing office work, being in school, college, or studying. And as it is now known sitting is one of the most harmful body positions out there – it puts a lot of stress on the spine, shoulders, neck as well as abdomen. Saying this, the most common consequence is back pain and general stiffness. Some researches go on to show that too much sitting can have an effect on other more serious medical conditions such as heart disease, lung problems, etc. (due to the unnatural position you are in). Other than chairs provided in this article, you could check also allbestgamingchairs if you are a dedicated gamer.

With this in mind, and if sitting for hours a day is inevitable you should at least do something to prevent too much damage. Getting a good office chair seems to be a great thing to do, but ergonomic office chairs aren’t usually that affordable and it might be a problem for people with tight budget. Still, with the market offering various brands we have done some research and managed to find few of these that are just under $300! Let’s take a look.

High-Quality Ergonomic Chairs Under $300
  1. Serta Works Executive Office Chair. When it comes to under $300 office chairs this bonded leather one might be your best choice. It has the back in motion technology included and is really comfortable to sit in – especially with soft pillows supporting your back, and the BIM lumbar technology being included as well. On to that, this chair is easily adjustable and it will not take you more than 15 minutes to assemble it. Along with that, it offers comfortable armrest pads as well and is in terms with the BIMFA USA standards. Overall, a great chair for an even better price!


  1. Office Star Mesh Back & Seat. Unlike the previous one made of bonded leather this chair is covered has a mesh back that will be of great use especially if you are working in a hot environment – as the air is allowed to circulate freely. Along with that, it comes with comfortable pillows and it follows your spine line for better support. Of course, it has armrest pads as well, and with it being flexible it is great for taller and shorter users!
  1. Argomax Mesh Ergonomic Office Chair. The first thing that you notice with this one is the great and modern design that will go well with any office environment. Once again with back mesh, it will keep you cool, and comfortable (offering headrest and armrest) and it supports your back in the best way possible. Easily adjustable and with built-in lumbar support your lower back and neck will be safe from pain and stiffness!


  1. La Z Boy Bellamy Office Chair. Last but not least on our office sitting advice list is this bonded leather coffee executive chair – elegant and firm, with plush cushions and memory foam it has to be one of the most comfortable chairs out there. Though somewhat higher in price than the previous three it is still a unique and beautiful chair that you can easily adjust and flex up to your needs.


With you sitting more than 8 hours a day it is vital to invest in good support for your back, neck and body posture – and there isn’t a better thing than a high-quality office chair. As you can see, it shouldn’t be a problem to find good ones even on a budget so go ahead and make your choice!