8 Genuine Reasons To Enrol For ITIL Certification Today


Whether one should enroll for ITIL certification when its introduction is making rounds or not has remained a moot point of discussion for quite a long time by now. Novices, as well as experienced personalities in this field, are suspicious about whether this would really prove beneficial for them or not. There is no doubt that the certification is going to offer you umpteen perks but the benefits of existing ITIL Certification is not going to suppress under any circumstances. Here we are going to shed light on the 10 genuine reasons to apply now.

Reasons To Apply

Having completed the ITIL Certification training (Read More about the certification here) in the current version available in the market, both online and for the classroom training, you will gain clarity about the diverse concepts as well as key principles. The current version of the courses also informs you of the process models that are required in order to qualify the ITIL 4 Foundation examination. One becomes efficient at the application of the principles in the IT service management in any organization which further helps to ameliorate the customer experience apart from ITSM efficiency as ones gain an insight into the tools plus techniques. Having said all this, the will to start with the certification might have already aroused but there are more reasons to support enrolling for the current version of the training.

1. Gives recognition in an organization


Employees with ITIL4 certification are undoubtedly the most integral part of any organization or a company and the management is also acknowledging the fact but those with the basics clear of the earlier courses are also preferred. Owing to this, while on one hand company prefers recruiting a person who is qualified in the latest version on the same hand companies are also making investments to send their loyal employees for training in the same. This helps them to bridge the gap that is created due to unprecedented digital transformation as well as automation. Thus, taking the current version of ITIL should never be an ambiguous thought for you. The answer to whether you should apply for ITIL4 certification or not is definitely YES.

2. It is a filter

ITIL certification acts as one of the major filter criteria for a plethora of organizations out there who are recruiting the new staff based on proficiency as well as efficiency. As long as you have this factor mentioned on your resume, it really does not matter much to the recruiters if it was back in 1999 or as recent as 2019 that you got qualified as the ITIL Expert. Having this title mentioned on your resume acts as a badge of honor silently demonstrating your efficiency and productivity in the relevant field, thereby increasing your chance of getting recruited.

3. The existing version remains to be the base

This is an irrefutable fact that with the passage of time and advancement in technology, new versions of each and everything is launched. However, another undisputed fact is that basic foundation of something ought to be known to all and sundry who desire to excel in a particular field that has advanced versions. Similarly, with the introduction of ITIL4 certification, the importance of the certified employees is never going to reduce though they might be prompted to opt for advanced training as well. One who has good knowledge about the entire thing from the base is obviously more preferred in comparison to the one who just holds the certification in the latest version or simply has just superficial knowledge. While many desire to have the brief know-how about the latest ITIL4 certification there are many others who are still struggling to get their basic knowledge about ITIL clear.

4. Enclosure to your knowledge

Having commensurate with the baby steps of becoming an Expert, you should not look back and consider taking a halt. The on-going version of ITIL proves helpful at paving the way for getting comfortable with the ITIL4 and gain mastery over both the versions. This not only enhances the know-how on the personal note but at the same time also improves the scope of career opportunities in this field.

5. Applicability


ITIL certification courses are not new to the market. It was back in1989 when these were first introduced to the scholars and since then the number of people who desire to pursue this has been increasing. The integral processes that are associated with the same has not varied much from the original version over the decades and are still as much applicable as in the bygone days. The only considerable fact is that the introduction of new versions offers you an upper hand over the others that are on-going.

6. Progressive IT Management Services

It is a well-known saying that better late than never. So, if you have not yet enrolled in the current version of ITIL then it is high time that you get yourself enrolled today. This is vital not only for your personal development but also for taking your career in the sphere of IT Management Services to another level. Irrespective of how hectic your schedule might be, there is always a vent for the self-paced e-Learning ITIL, at least for those who can definitely not spare time for the classroom training.

7. Demand for ITIL experts


ITIL certified candidates have always been in demand in the market but are comparatively more in demand in the entire IT industry in today’s scenario. Carrying this certification is surely going to enhance your career opportunities as this delineates the quality of professionalism that is exhibited by the experts required in the IT industry as well as be the assurance of aligning the delivered skills with the real-world demand.

8. Postponed announcement plans

One course is announced to be launched in the Q1 2019 and you all might be geared, to begin with the same but for some reason, if the time frame takes a leap then you might end up wasting plenty of time doing nothing. This will further push your dream of pursuing ITIL training and take you a few steps more away from achieving the target.

Overall, these are the 8 reasons to enroll and not to procrastinate the task. ITIL certification is one of the globally accepted as well as globally acknowledged entry-level certifications that is available for the IT professionals. Having finished the course you will realize that you have gained efficiency at handling the modern IT-enabled services. Thorough know-how, as well as awareness about the key concepts in addition to the common language that is employed in ITIL services lifecycle, will further open the doors of a good career for you. You will be well informed about the links between the diverse lifecycle stages other than all the other vital processes that are involved. So, it is better that you get enrolled in the ITIL certification course today without any further delay so that you do not miss out on further opportunities.