Playing Online Casino As a Student


Whether you look at this as a bad social deviation or not, gambling among students became a regular thing these days. According to some researches, more than 10 percent of students gamble on a regular basis. Of course, many of them prefer online casino, as one of the most convenient ways of gambling these days.


Student gambling brings many issues. In most cases, an average college student is still on the budget of his parents. Even if he’s coming from a wealthy family, his resources are usually limited. That’s why students prefer online over land-based casinos. Simply, minimal wagers are much lower, which makes gambling more approachable to a wide number of students. Finally, in this way, the chances of losing your whole scholarship on gambling are much smaller.

If you are a good steward to your money, gambling in student days can be very beneficial. Of course, chances to become a millionaire are minimal, but you can still turn your passion into a decent source of income. Jeffrey Hayes, who runs the casino list site Casinomartini says that students should be aware of the potential pitfalls of gambling on a tight budget and try to keep a set budget for what you allow yourself to gamble with.


Of course, you might have some problems to start playing online casino. Just like traditional, land-based casinos also have age restrictions. In most cases, you have to be at least 18 to gamble online. However, many teenagers managed to sign up and play anyway. In most cases, they are lying about their age. Things are pretty simple here. Underaged players usually find someone older to create an account. Once the account has been verified with a valid ID, anyone who knows the username and password can play it. Moreover, there are even cases where parents set up an account and let their under-aged student child play.


It’s easy to conclude that many students are under-aged and that they are actually breaking the law. Still, this is still a far better solution compared to a land-based, or even illegal casino. Simply, many online casinos offer games where a minimal wager is just one dollar or something like that. One of the first games that come to mind is Blackjack. You can play this game with small wagers for a whole eternity. This is highly beneficial not only because you will spend less money, but you will also realize that gambling is a kind of entertainment that costs. It’s great to know that before it’s too late.

On the other side, if you don’t want to break the law, the great news is that many casinos offer free online games where you can maximize your winnings. Since these games are not playing in money, everyone can play it, no matter the age. This is a great way to learn rules of certain casino games and become an experienced player before you lose a single cent.


This way of playing online casino definitely isn’t a real deal and can’t deliver the same dose of excitement, but it is a great way to keep it as a hobby and focus on schoolwork, which should be a priority. Speaking of schoolwork, it can be highly beneficial for your future casino career. For example, you can take a class in statistics and probability, it would definitely make you a better player.

No matter what others say about student gambling, it seems perfectly fine to practice it, as long as you keep your resources in mind. Simply said, learn not to gamble with money you can’t afford to lose.