AdSense Frozen – Stats Not Working (October 11. 2016)

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As you might notice, AdSense stats are not working. But don’t worry it’s not you, you are not banned, and your account hasn’t been disabled. It is just a bug in their system, but we are waiting for additional information about this issue.


We could see a huge number of questions on support forums and all over the Internet regarding this matter, and many users expressed their concerns about this. Since Google significantly tightened their policies regarding AdSense we completely understand users that immediately thought that their account is disabled.

Don’t worry; this is only a temporary setback, and we are sure that Google will solve it quickly. To be honest, we don’t know when an issue like this happened last time as all services by search engine giant tend to be more than reliable and bug-free.

There are still no official statements by Mountain View company and how this will be solved. Hopefully, all stats are safe on their servers, and entire AdSense network is fully operating and recording all data for both publishers and advertisers.

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It’s not clear when the stats stopped working but our estimations that it was between 5 pm and 7 pm Eastern Time Zone (UTC-05:00). Reports of issues came from all over the world including Japan, Philippines, Greece, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Serbia,  and much more.

As soon as we get more details regarding this, we can call it, rare bug, we will deliver those here.