Novak Djokovic Struggles With Injuries

Recently, Novak Djokovic has been struggling with various injuries and his fans all over the world have been worried. First of all, he had problems with his wrist, then, he injured his shoulder and eventually his elbow. The world no. 1 hasn’t been 100% ready ever since Wimbledon.

Although numerous fans of Djokovic are concerned, medical specialists claim that there is no reason for panic just yet. Moma Jakovljevic, a famous Serbian surgeon and the physician of the national basketball team of Serbia, believes that Novak will be fine and even stronger than before.

Jakovljevic told a Serbian newspaper Blic:”Injuries can be minor or serious. As far as I can comprehend, Novak didn’t tear any muscle and his injuries occurred as a consequence of exhaustion. It was just a matter of time when he was going to suffer from an injury of some sort, considering how much time he was spending on the court. Although he is ready, he is only a human and these types of injuries are common.”

The physician states that Novak’s decision to rest is excellent.

He added:”Novak decided to rest and go to rehab, which will help him a lot. It is always better to recover from the injury completely than go back to practice when you see an improvement. It is better for him to be still for a month otherwise the injuries will come back constantly.”

Jakovljevic knows why Djokovic struggles with a wrist, an elbow, and a shoulder. He declared:”These parts of the body are under a lot of pressure constantly and they shut down first. These kinds of injuries occur when an athlete is either exhausted or not a 100% prepared. Novak clearly suffers from fatigue and luckily, he didn’t break any bones or tear a muscle.”

He also said that Novak was a very special player.

“Congrats to him and his team, who professionally approach this injury. His mental and physical strength reached perfection. He couldn’t be more ready. His first injury occurred in his 29th year, which means that he is better prepared than other tennis players. Some of the greatest players nowadays like Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer or Juan Martin Del Potro have had to stop playing for an entire season due to serious injuries because they were not 100% ready,” said Jakovljevic.

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Moreover, he declared:”He will be even stronger after that, there is no doubt. He is an athlete whose behavior is admirable on and off the court. He is an idol to many. He will be even better. These injuries won’t permanently affect his game.”

Novak Djokovic will face Fabio Fognini in the first round in Shanghai. This will be their 7th encounter and Serbian tennis player has won every time. Novak was a champion of Shanghai Rolex Masters last year.