AFC Playoff Picture After Week 13

December is the deciding month in the NFL. It’s the most important month of the NFL’s regular season. There are 32 teams in the league, but only 12 make the Playoffs. It’s never easy to make it in the NFL as there are a lot of squads that are chasing the same spot. Let’s see how the Playoff picture looks in the AFC after Week 13.

Oakland Raiders are leading the AFC West. They will for sure make the Playoffs, but the Chiefs and Broncos can still win this division. It’s likely that all three teams will secure a postseason spot. Chiefs are 5th in the conference while Denver is holding that final spot.

In the AFC East, there is no doubt about who is making the Playoffs as the winner of the division. Patriots are tied with the Raiders for the best record in the conference, while Miami is at 7th spot, in the hunt for the Chiefs and Broncos.

AFC North is pretty tight as Steelers and Ravens are tied at 7-5. Just one of these teams will make the postseason. Pittsburgh should be favored as they have an easier schedule and their duel with the Ravens will take place at Heinz Field.

AFC South is probably the worst division in football. Titans, Texans, and Colts are tied at the top of the table, but Indy and Tennessee will likely battle for that top spot. If they end up tied, Colts will win the division and make the Playoffs.

Just a few more rounds and we will have a clear picture who goes to postseason and who will share our destiny and watch Playoffs from the living room.