Cristiano Ronaldo hits the gym hard after the El Clasico draw!

Well wasn’t the Saturday’s game nerve-wracking? The long-awaited El Clasico gave us an opportunity to see both teams at their top and enjoy what was probably the best from the European football, the only catch is that it ended draw with just one goal for each side. A few more goals wouldn’t have been bad to see but this is good as well because both Real Madrid and Barca brought their A game and the score reflected that as well.

What is even more admiring is that we caught Real Madrid’s star back in the gym working out hard as always never minding that the game finished 1:1. Ronaldo has truly shown us that there is no rest for the wicked and he did that over Instagram on Sunday evening posting a photo of himself working hard in the gym. But this shouldn’t come as a surprise to any of us because the 31-year-old is well known for his fanaticism in keeping the best physical shape, and that is exactly what he showed by displaying his core strength to his fans by well balancing on gym equipment.

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These pictures were posted a day after the Barcelona clash that took place on Saturday afternoon, where he played the entire 90 mins, but sadly didn’t have the impact on squads result in a way that Ronaldo probably wanted. If you caught the game, then you know that he gave his best but just couldn’t catch a break, while his team-mate Sergio Ramos managed to score a goal practically in the last minute of the match. Sergio’s header in the 90th minute after a free kick and more than a precise ball from Luka Modric became a life saver for Real Madrid that trailed from mid of the first half after Luis Suarez scored for Barca.

Thanks to this draw Zidane ensured that Real keeps its position at the table firmly with six points ahead of its rival after 14 games. Now Real and Cristiano have their sights set on Champions League next where they are playing against Borussia Dortmund on Wednesday at home. This is yet another very important game in which these two teams will decide who will be on top of the group. After the Champions League game, Real will try to continue the winning streak in the league when they play Deportivo La Coruna at the Bernabeu. Best of luck to them!

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