The Best Alteration Ideas For Sweatshirts Customers Will Love


Sweatshirts are a must-have in everybody’s wardrobe. You may have a few in your closet or fill the laundry basket. As comfortable, cozy, and reliable as sweatshirts are, sometimes that favorite you’ve had for quite some time could use a bit of a makeover. If you have a few basic skills, you can give that trusty sweatshirt an easy facelift extending its life and adding something new to your wardrobe. This article will examine some of the most popular alterations designed specifically for hoodies.

Taking The Plunge With A Bleach Dip


Here is an easy clothing alteration that does not involve scissors or a needle and thread. All you need is a small laundry tub with bleach in it. You would dip the sweatshirt into the tub as if you were dyeing the garment another color but instead of submerging it completely, dip an edge or corner of the sweatshirt into the bleach. Clean thoroughly in the wash, and you will end up with something edgy and add some sustainability to your wardrobe.

Twisting Cut Outs At The Yoke

Twisting cut-outs will create an exciting change of texture to a sweatshirt. All you need to do is make cut-outs around the yoke, turn the strips you cut and then refasten them. The goal here is to add an attractive visual look to the sweatshirt that transforms it into something new and a piece of clothing you can wear on special occasions, as it will have the face of a higher-end clothing product. Find design ideas online.

Give That Oversized Sweatshirt Some Liposuction

Essentially, all you are doing here is changing the fit. You start with that oversized sweatshirt you purchased online from Bella + Canvas and convert it into a fitted sweatshirt. By taking in the extra fabric, you create a sleek, good-looking sweatshirt that you can pair with nice slacks or shorts and wear when it is still an oversized sweatshirt. This kind of alteration works well with garments that are on the large side.

Add A Pocket Where There Wasn’t One Before


That hoodie on your closet’s floor may not have a front pocket. But, if it did, you would wear it more often as a front pocket would give you a place to carry a couple of items and keep your hands warm. It is easy to create a front pocket for your sweatshirt out of scrap material. If you have some sewing ability, you can complete this alteration within a couple of hours or less.

Shorten That Sweatshirt Into A Crop Top

There is something about a crop top that says fitness and fun. It’s fun to upcycle a sweatshirt into a piece of clothing you’ll love to wear outdoors on a nice, sunny day. All you need is a hoodie with sleeves and a pair of scissors. Measure how high you want the sweatshirt trimmed, mark it, and cut it. It’s up to you whether or not you add a hem. You can dress it up a little with lace or ruffled trim, and done.

Peek-A-Boo Sleeves Add Some Mystery

This idea is an alteration that focuses on the sleeves of the sweatshirt and your arms. It’s so easy to do, as well. Just cut slits down the length of the sweatshirt sleeves from shoulder to cuff. Then cut out little button holes or sew string or twine loops periodically along the slit. On the opposite side of each slit, sew a button opposite each buttonhole or loop. When you wear it, you choose how much you fasten together.

Convert That Sweatshirt Into A Dress

There is no doubt that this is a slightly more advanced DIY project, but the final result will amaze you and your friends. You start with a sweatshirt that you will cut apart and turn into panels that will form the shape of a dress. You can find all the instructions and various pattern ideas online to make it easy, or if you are creative with fabric design, you can create your own custom style. That sweatshirt will never be the same when complete.

Add A Ruffled Skirt To A Hoodie


If turning a sweatshirt into a dress is more work than you are prepared to commit to this project, here is a quicker and easier idea. All you need is some ruffled material. Measure the length you want the skirt to be and cut as necessary. Then sew the ruffled fabric to the bottom cuff of the sweatshirt. When you finish, you will have a sweatshirt that has an attached skirt. It will change the way you wear that sweatshirt.

Add Some Lace Cut-Outs

Another easy conversion idea is to cut out a design or two on the back or the sleeves of the sweatshirt and replace them with lace inserts. Therefore, it will not only prettify the sweatshirt, but the lace inserts will make wearing it much more relaxed on those warm, toasty days you dress up for some time with friends shopping or going out on a lunch date. For design ideas, you can also reference the internet by searching online.

Final Thoughts

A sweatshirt is one of the most accessible clothing items to alter into something new. It has something to do with their overall size, the material, and the various available styles. It is always a good idea to upcycle something from your wardrobe rather than to add more clothing if you have some basic sewing skills. Plus, your design work could lead you to side hustle or a new career. Ultimately, altering a sweatshirt gives you something new and fresh from something tired and old. That alone allows projects that result in sweatshirt alterations to be worthwhile and trendy.