Amazon (AMZN) Experimenting Drones to Deliver Products Faster

Jeff Bezos, chief executive officer of Inc (NASDAQ:AMZN) revealed that the e-commerce giant is experimenting drones to deliver goods faster to consumers during an interview with Charlie Rose on “60 Minutes” news program at CBS television network.

During the interview, Bezos showed the flying machines known as octocopters, which will serve as delivery vehicles for Inc (NASDAQ:AMZN). According to him, the drones or octocopters are capable of delivering products weighing five pounds within the 10-mile radius of the company’s fulfillment center. He said the delivery time for every product is around 30 minutes.

Hoping for FAA approval

The use of drones as delivery vehicles is subject to the approval of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Inc (NASDAQ:AMZN) is hoping that the FAA will be able to implement its rules and regulations regarding the commercial use of drones as early as 2015. The company said its flying delivery machines will be ready by that time.

Bezos said, “It will work, and it will happen. It’s gonna be a lot of fun,” during the “60 Minutes” interview. The e-commerce giant called its upcoming aerial delivery service as Amazon Prime Air. Inc (NASDAQ:AMZN) is improving the efficiency and speed of delivering products to consumers to maintain their loyalty. The e-commerce giant promises fast delivery particularly to customers who paid $79 annual membership fee for its Prime program. Last month, the company partnered with United States Postal Service (USPS) to start delivering packages in Sundays to fulfill its promise to its Prime members.

Most visited online retail store

Data from comScore revealed that Inc (NASDAQ:AMZN) is the most visited online retail store during the Black Friday sales event. The research firm found that consumer spending on e-commerce increased by 15% to $1.20 billion, an indication that many consumers prefer to shop online instead of going to the retail stores and standing on long lines to purchase products.

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