Announcers Also Switching Brands After Monday Night Raw


It looks like the announcers are also not safe during this Superstar shakeup. After the show on Monday, Raw color commentator Byron Saxton is going to show up on Smackdown Live as he is traded for David Otunga, a guy that was doing the color commentating alongside JBL and Mauro Ranallo. The fans were actually calling for the other announcer from the blue brand to be removed from the show, but the fans of Smackdown won’t be disappointed with this trade.

Even though Saxton really isn’t a fan favorite, one of the guys that are even more hated and the commentator that is doing a worse job than him is David Otunga. Nobody truly knows why he is even in a position that he’s in, sitting in the booth and calling the action. He doesn’t add anything to the product when he is talking, he sounds bland and far from exciting.


On the other hand, Byron Saxton can be annoying and overly joyful. Still, he can do a good job from time to time and is definitely a better color commentator than the aforementioned David Otunga. The fans are calling for the firing of JBL so Mauro Ranallo can return to calling the action for the blue brand.

If the WWE doesn’t want to fire JBL, they could have moved him to the Monday Night Raw for Cory Graves so Ranallo can get back if he wanted to, but they decided not to do that. What it comes down to is that Otunga is now on Raw, while Saxton is on the blue brand. Smackdown Live wins this trade hands down.