Apple Inc. (AAPL) 5.5-inch iPhone 6 May Be Pushed Next Year: Analyst Ming-Chi

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL)’ has no plans of introducing the bigger phablet 5.5 inch this year and would only come with the 4.7 inch model this year. This information has been revealed by the analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, according to the Apple Insider.

Apple facing production issues

While September was the rumored time of release of both the models, but owing to few issues with the touch panel and rather less major but significant problem with metal casing, some delay in the launch might be expected. Kuo, further, says that with the bigger screen iPhone, the problems are more severe. While Kuo has a pretty good record of making predictions on Apple, but Neil Hughes at Apple Insider still believes that this could not be the case.

A new scratch-resistant 5.5-inch sapphire front panel might not “easily pass the drop test near term,” believe Kuo. Analyst expects the iPhone maker to release the smaller version i.e. 4.7-inch in the month of September itself, but the larger version could be delayed to later than mid-November. The company might, also, cut down the prices of the 5S and 5C models if the delay in launch of the larger iPhone is stretched to next year, believes Kuo.

Big expectations from iPhone 6

Apple’s iPhone 6 is said to be hugely popular much before its launch and a large number of iPhone lovers, including the old ones and those looking for a larger iPhone, are waiting for it eagerly. The fact that the company has been losing out its market share to the competitors like Samsung and others, might have provoked the iPhone maker to come out with a bigger screen, which still remains unannounced.

Hence, it is believed that Apple has put all its expertise into making it an outstanding product, which not only be bigger than the earlier iPhones, but also have ‘some never seen never heard of’ features and apps, as well. The device is expected to be powered by the A8 processor, which is faster, and run on iOS8, which comes loaded with many new apps. The camera quality would, also, be improved, in both the devices.