Baywatch – R-rated Version by Dwayne Johnson


The main reason why there are so many PG-13 blockbusters these days is the summer break and the kids’ availability to watch them. However, Dwayne Johnson has convinced the Paramount Pictures to turn the new movie Baywatch into an R-rated comedy. He claims he feels that they have created a better version of the film and that it fits greatly with his personal tastes.

In a recent interview, The Rock was asked whether or not the film was ever considering PG-13 rating. He admitted that at first the target audience of the movie was the youth, but that he convinced the studio to change their mind. He said that there had been some talks about making Baywatch PG-13. Namely, when Paramount first came to him with their proposal about the film they had a discussion about these two. If you want to play safe, you won’t choose Rated-R, especially in the summer, but Johnson said that they thought of it as a more interesting version than PG-13.

Another change that Dwayne Johnson inspired was in the cast of the movie. Namely, his main idea was to change all the expectations that everyone had for the film and to offer something out of this world. He thought it would be an excellent idea to take on someone who was a model and then flip them. Moreover, The Rock suggested that they take the character that had been their villain and wrote his role for a woman. So, he proposed that they brought in Priyanka Chopra.

Although Baywatch is not the first movie to make an R-rated version instead of a classic TV show, it will definitely be a pleasure to see it. Moreover, it won’t be the last title to opt for this version and to prove that sometimes no risk means no gain, so we’re looking forward to seeing what they have in store for us.