Mahal Responds To Illegal Substances Accusations

The WWE used to be the land of the giants and the land of the guys that have that typical bodybuilder look. Nowadays, that has changed, and in-ring work that superstar can produce is more valued than ever. Still, it is a big thing to have that superhero posture as it gives you character and it makes you look larger than life itself.

There aren’t many guys in the WWE today that can say that they are in a better physique than the WWE Champion himself, Jinder Mahal. He has been in such a good shape that he has been accused by many people of using illegal substances despite not failing a WWE test. Many people were even wondering if he has been even a subject of the tests as he has a look of someone that has been using various prohibited enhancers in order to get shredded.

Now as the WWE Champion, Jinder Mahal is going to have more spotlight on him than he ever did. This guy is going to be asked about the physique that he has achieved and will have to explain himself a lot. Here is what he said about the look that he has.


“I’ve been tested plenty and never failed one. When I train hard, I look better. I see the way I look on TV or in the mirror, and it gives me confidence. It translates into the ring. I have more confidence and can be more aggressive. If you saw me from a few years ago, the confidence level is high night and day, and that is because of the way I look.”

He also pointed out that he knows Vince McMahon likes guys that look good and look like a genuine superstar. He was just trying to get in the best shape possible so he can be ready when or/and if his number was called.