How to Become Better at Tennis and Love It?

Tennis is such a brilliant sport, isn’t it? Given how accessible and popular the sport has become, it’s easy to understand why so many people are wondering how to become a little better at it already. Tennis is about consistency and putting your love for the game in training.

You can pursue various levels of tennis prowess, whether you are just looking to enjoy the game and be just a tiny bit better than your tennis partners or to go semi-pro or even professional.

The road to improving your tennis play is more or less the same. The difference between what you want and Djokovic and Nadal is that they have hundreds of thousands of hours playing the game, so don’t worry about performance.

Just relax and read through the guide as to what makes for a great tennis routine if you are looking to improve yourself. If you are a bit tired from training, you can always check and perhaps even place a bet.

Hold Your Racket Lightly

The first piece of advice has to do with how you approach the game. Tennis is not a game of strength; it’s a matter of endurance. You are going to be running up and down, to and fro, all in a bid to receive the balls and service them right back in your opponent’s half of the court.

This is not about how hard you can hit a ball. In fact, rackets allow you to send any ball at optimal speeds even if you don’t exert too much pressure or power – it’s all about technique and how you hit the ball.

Players who are new to the game may end up a little rigid in their wrists, as they expect and think that unless they do, they would not be able to service back a ball.

That is a bit of a myth and what you should actually be doing is to focus on how to make sure the ball bounces back to your opponent’s half, not through “strength” but technique.

Build Up Your Cardio

You will want to be in a top form, whatever your competitive level. Rafael Nadal can probably win against you easily, but if you have better endurance in the game, you will make sure that he won’t be able to play another serious game for a day.

Tennis players put a lot of effort into training elasticity and all sorts of muscle groups without ever trying to accumulate too much muscle mass, for example. The way it works with tennis players is they try to build their overall body attributes, and that is how you should approach this as well.

As a result, you can find many exercises that can help you really build up your endurance and do so in a fun way. You can go for a run, skip a rope, or cycle. All three are great ways to build your cardio up. Of course, a simple walk will also do, but the fact is that as a tennis player trying to improve, you may want to hit it up a notch.

Focus on the Ball

This is a simple piece of advice but what you basically need to do is not play too many mind games with your opponents. They are only human, after all. You want your eyes on the ball. Focus on that and see how you can make the most out of it.

The fact is you won’t be trying to outsmart your opponent but rather outplay him; that means knowing where the ball is headed and calculating in your head where you can send it flying.

Sure, sometimes you have to do the unexpected to gain an advantage, but ultimately it will be about who the better shot is and who can respond to an incoming ball faster.

Consider How You Eat

Suppose there is really one thing that all people who do sports that is how you eat. Eating can have a tremendous impact on your overall health and help you create meaningful and long-lasting effects. Essentially, if you have a healthy diet, you are already in better shape than anyone who has to use exercise or tries to play tennis, knowing that their body is slowed down by an improper diet.

Of course, the idea of an improper diet varies quite a bit. Snacking on good food is not improper, but if you are in excess of your daily calories and the nutrients you take in aren’t quite the ones you need for a good overall healthy diet, you can see how this impacts your tennis performance just as well.

Sign Up for Classes

Tennis classes are not as expensive as they used to be, and you can sign up for a club or work out with a qualified trainer who can quickly reveal your full potential. This is a great move if you are getting a little more serious about the game and want to see how far you can make it.

Signing for even two classes weekly will be plenty of time to give you a great direction in tennis and help you find out more about your true potential playing the game. Objectively, though, if your ambition is to make sure that you put down progress day in and day out.

To do so, you will have to get relevant feedback from someone who has experience in the game and can help you achieve your potential in it. Try classes and remember that they are not obligatory, so you can always drop them if you wanted to, which is even better.

Conserve Your Energy

Remember when we spoke about endurance? Well, there are many ways to improve you. One of those is to make sure that you conserve your energy. Don’t play too hard at the beginning of the game. Play a well-paced game that allows you to be fresh and keep hitting back at your opponents, and especially if they are putting in too much effort.

Make Sure You Enjoy It

The best way to actually advance at any activity is to make sure that you are truly enjoying it. Tennis is a fantastic game, and you can honestly enjoy it to the point where it’s no bother for you to actually go through the game and find exciting new ways to self-improve.

Of course, you will need commitment and discipline, but if you do love tennis, you will find the process to be much simpler and easier than anyone who is playing tennis “just because.” The players to truly excel at the game are those who are really fond of it and want to play more and more just for the sake of playing. Overtime, the desire to face more talented players is cultivated in individuals, and this is how some of the best players have been borne.

Take Care of Yourself

If you want to improve your tennis game, you really need to make sure that you are taking proper care of your body. Make sure that you are spending enough time resting and don’t over-exert yourself.

The key to progressing in tennis and enjoying yourself doing so is to take your time and take care of your body. Don’t go hard every time you train – after all, and you may not even be a professional player. Rather make sure to get the much-needed rest in and enjoy yourself as you do.

Sleep and Sleep Well

Look, if you want to really excel at any type of activity, there is one simple thing you can do – make sure you get enough sleep. Sleep will allow you to improve your cognition, which is also important in becoming better at tennis. Almost equally important, though, is the fact that without proper sleep, your muscles will not rest up well.

You will be much more prone to injuries, and you will generally allow sudden mood swings to take over your entire performance as a tennis player. Regardless of how high you aim at the game, it never hurts to actually take a few steps in the right direction, and that usually starts with a good night’s sleep, which is precisely what you should be aiming at right now as the last tip towards improving your tennis play.