Benefits of Using Mobile Forms Software

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The best way to make work easier for you employees who work on the field, thus increase their proficiency and the revenue of your company is to switch from hard copy, paper forms to mobile forms software. It comes with many benefits that we are going to discuss in the following article.

As you know, paper forms have to be processed at the end of each day. This only means more work for the employees and with the advances in technology that work has become unnecessary. There is no need for fax machines, scanners and tons of paper, now this app can do everything for you. Pronto Forms app allows your workers to submit all the documents from the field immediately upon completing the job.

Furthermore, all your employees will be able to access all the data at any time they want to. In the past, they would spend precious time looking for a certain document in the offices, among numerous binders and hundreds of papers. Now, they can upload everything on a Cloud and easily gain access to it no matter where they are. Sometimes people have to review some data as soon as possible, and this software can help them do this within minutes.

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Also, this program enables you to expand your storage and the type of information. Sometimes simple yes and no answers are not enough. Often photos, videos, and even audio recordings are necessary to present every piece of information. This means that your workers will be able to solve problems quickly, and also respond to every demand made by a client or a partner. In addition, the app marks the time and geo-location when each new document is uploaded which is just another benefit because it can prevent numerous potential problems in the future.

Moreover, you will increase the response time of your on-field team. Managers in your company will be able to easily dispense all the information about a field job to their teams such as location, and the type of work that has to be done. The app also allows them to see which team is available and closest to the said location. In addition, they will have an overview of who, when, and from where filled and uploaded a certain form.

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Mobile forms software organizes all data into categories according to type and time, which makes it easier to compare new information with already existing ones. Due to this, reports can be delivered easily, almost instantaneously to the executives.

What’s more, this software increases the security system of your business. You won’t have to worry about data getting stolen because since they are all stored on a cloud, only people who work for you will be able to access it. Also, you can choose to hide some information and decide who can see it.

In conclusion, this app can be installed on numerous devices such as tablets and even smartphones, and it is easy to use and manage. You will save a large amount of money on operational costs, and be able to oversee all the fieldwork at any moment.