5 Best Exercises for Kids to Keep Them Fit


Physical activities are good for everyone and especially for kids because it strengthens their body. Children require good food and a better living environment because they are growing. When they are getting enough food, some physical movement will make them stronger.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), doing physical exercises will reduce the risk of cancer, heart diseases, blood pressure, and diabetes. Furthermore, it will also help with their strong building by making their bones strong and building muscles.

In addition to this, with the growing trend of fast food eating, children are getting obesity problems. Some regular physical movement will also help them to control weight and reduce the risk of obesity. One of the best ways to involve your kid in exercise is through the jumping rope. It is a fun thing and involves the whole body.

However, if your kids love computer games and you are unable to take them on the ground, you might not know the tricks. There are some fun games and activities that you can try out.

1 – Crab Walk


Not everyone knows about it but its name is more interesting. It makes your kids attentive towards it. You are supposed to walk like a crab. How? It’s simple. Make your kids sit with their hands behind the body and feet at the front. Now make them lift up their hip. It is similar to the bridge pose that we do in yoga. No wall they do is to walk in this position.

They might find it hard to practice in the beginning but with time it won’t be any trouble. Although it might seem silly to you but not for kids. You can make them compete against each other and arrange a race among them. An important benefit of this crab walk is that it improves the core strength of arms and legs.

You can make this walk more fun by putting something on their belly. So that they have to win the race without making the thing fall on the ground. However, use this trick after your kids are good at maintaining this posture. Otherwise, they won’t be able to keep it stable and will lose interest in the game.

2 – Skipping rope


Skipping is an amazing physical activity that involves the whole body. It increases heart rate and improves metabolic functioning and the cardiovascular system. Likewise, it is a complete workout and is too fun. Furthermore, it improves the core strength of your body.

In addition to all this, it is also regarded as a brain booster. How? Well, it involves both sides of the brain i.e. right and left brain. Thus, it improves cognitive functioning. As kids learn to make the right step for skipping the rope, their brain gets involved. Likewise, with continuous use of the brain and keeping an eye on the rope and how it moves, mental strength increases.

So this is the best way to get a healthy lifestyle for your kids. And not only kids, but adults also love jumping rope. So you can play along with your children or make a healthy competition with them. You can try out different jumping ropes for kids because they come in various patterns and colors. And kids do love such things. For more info about ropes, check https://fitnessequipment.reviews/best-jump-rope-for-kids/.

3 – Bear Crawl


This gaming challenge is equally fun. If some of your children are not able to stand up to the crab challenge, do not force them. They might not be able to maintain balance. However, you can try the bear walk challenge for them.

All they have to do is crawl with their hands and feet. But the twist is they are not allowed to touch the ground with their knees. Only hands and feet and touch the ground surface but not any other part of the body. And just like skipping rope, this game involves the whole body. Therefore, it will improve core strength and will enhance muscle building and fat burning.

Furthermore, it will also improve the weight-bearing ability of their body. Because children have to hold their whole body on the hands and feet. And while maintaining their body position, they will have to use their brain.

4 – Bicycling


You might be well aware of the fact that children love cycling. Even we do when we were kids. Especially when your bicycle has come special designing. If your kids are too stubborn, you can try out other means. For example, use stickers of their favorite cartoon characters on the cycle. Likewise, you can paint it with beautiful colors for girls.

Such things fascinate them and that’s all you need to make them come out of their room. And engaging them in some sort of competition is what further improves their willingness. You can talk to other parents of your community and arrange a cycling competition for kids. Arrange some interesting prizes for winners.

5 – Running


Running is quite simple and is one of the most commonly played games around the world. Children have to chase after each other and try their best to reach the finishing line before anyone else. It also involves movement of the whole body and therefore, it is a complete exercise. It will make their bones stronger and also their muscles will develop.

However, it involves several children. Therefore, you need to talk to other parents of your community. You can plan a one-day competition that will take place on monthly basis. All the parents can arrange something to eat and drink and some treats for children. So, you can make your child practice running every day just for the sake of winning the competition.

Bottom line

And if your kids still won’t come on the ground, you can try out different methods. For example, make them their special food and make them come to you while crab-walking or bear walking. They can do anything to get their favorite food. Or you can make them come to the bathroom by doing a race.